ANNOUNCEMENT, Helperbird for Websites

Helperbirds browser extensions have been a success across Chrome, Edge and Firefox. One question we get through support and our live chat is 'Can I add Helperbird to my website or blog'. Well, now you can.

Isn't Helperbird for Website an accessibility widget?

No, when we started development on it, it was our aim to go into that market but in the end, it
became clear with our vision of making the web more accessible. Accessibility widgets don't work and
over-promise in their current state. They don't make your website compliant with any laws.

Helperbird for websites is different in its approach.

We want to teach you how to fix accessibility issues on your site with our
Accessibility checker. Then with our new Helperbird for Websites,
we want to give you the best of Helperbird features for your website. So users can change the font,
text to speech, translate words, overlays, rulers, cursor sizes, highlight paragraphs and much more.
Making it easier to consume pages on your website and making it easier for you to add these
features. So our mission with Helperbird for Websites is to give you the tools
to make it easier for your users to consume and navigate your website.

In future updates for Unlimited plan users, you will get access to our features API, so you can
build upon the Helperbird API and fully integrate the features into their website and apps.

If you need help discovering accessibility issues. You can always access our
Accessibility checker or contact us and we can do an audit for

Be sure to check our Helperbird for Websites.

Photo of Helperbird for websites