How to deploy Helperbird for Chrome through the Google Admin Console

A step by step guide

Click Device management in the Google Admin Console.

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Select Chrome management.

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In Chrome Management, select User & browser settings.

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Under Organizations choose the OU (Organizational Unit) you would like to deploy extensions to.

Scroll down to Apps and Extensions and locate Force-installed Apps and Extensions.

Click the Manage force-installed apps link.

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In Force-installed Apps and Extensions, click the Chrome Web Store button.

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Type the extension or app name (Ie Helperbird) that you're deploying into the search box and press Enter. The app or extension listing will appear immediately below the search box.

Click on the Add link to add the app or extension to the force-install list.

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Click SAVE.

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After the force-install window has closed, click SAVE at the bottom of the page to publish the app or extension to all of your selected users. The app or extension will now be deployed to your users.