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Cognitive Load

Underlining of web page text leads to improved reading focus and memory retention rate. Using granular colours that underline text, users can find reading more comfortable and fun.

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Have you ever found yourself getting lost when reading a wall of text?

It turns out your eyes often struggle to navigate from line to line, from paragraph to paragraph.

Helperbirds cognitive load feature helps by using a simple cognitive trick. Making reading more comfortable, easier, and quicker for a lot of users.

This is done by using a granular colored pattern across each sentence and text on the page.

How it helps?

With continued increase in daily information intake, especially from smartphone use, people are more exposed to experiencing a high cognitive load, which leads to a reduction in work and academic success.

Helperbird provides cognitive load help by underlining web page text in a granular colored pattern, which helps to reduce reading stress and improve focus.

Helps users to stay focused on the web page they are reading.

Helps to improve reading speed.

Can improve memory retention of the information being read.