Reader mode

Discover how to use Reader mode on any browser. Including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

How to use Reader Mode or View in Reader Mode in any browser

There are three ways to use Reader Mode in any browserin Helperbird. Making it easier for you to
decided how you want to use it.

Method 1: Highlight menu

  • You will need to have the Highlight menu feature enabled.
  • in any browser, app or pdf. Highlight the text you want to use in Reader Mode.
  • A highlight menu will appear.
  • Click on the Reader Mode option, it has a book icon.
  • It will start to load Reader Mode, with the text you selected.
  • Thats it.

Method 2: Reader Mode button

  • Open Helperbird on Chrome, Firefox or Edge
  • Scroll to the Reader Mode card.
  • Click on the View in Reader Mode button.
  • It will start to load Reader Mode, with the text you of the website.
  • There is also a Reader Mode button in the quick action section too.
  • Thats it.

What is Reader Mode?

Reader Mode turns webpages into easy-to-read text. We’ve designed this longform experience so you
can read all the latest content seamlessly, and enjoy your websites with less noise, no ads or

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