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Helperbird is a very useful and smartly designed tool that will most definitely make the browsing life of any user suffering from from dyslexia or is even remotely visually impaired a lot easier. It’s very easy to use, has the ability to synchronize settings on multiple devices, and is very efficient thanks to a useful set of straightforward customization options.

Photo of a happy reviewer of Helperbird, Vladimir Ciobica

Vladimir Ciobica


It's the best app for dyslexia I've ever seen! I liked the variety of features and the flexibility it gives, unfortunately I realised for me it was not needed, but I'm glad to see there is such a helpful thing.

Photo of a happy reviewer of Helperbird, Steven Hood

Steven Hood


Huge fan of the zoom feature.
It trumps the native zoom in your browser since the zoom level you set actually stays with you no matter what page you go to, which is very helpful and meshes well with the other features the app offers.

Photo of Helperbird user Taylor Kirkpatrick

Taylor Kirkpatrick


Amazing in eliminating embarrassing mistakes. Am one happy kid here!

Photo of Helperbird user Brian Borland

Brian Borland


I love and use Helperbird for Chrome and I think it's a great tool! Thanks for the screenshot feature!

Photo of Helperbird user Walter Washburn

Walter Washburn


Wow what great tool, I love it! Keep up the excellent work.

Add more fonts in the future and cant wait for the ios version!!

Also thank you Robert for the support emails.

Photo of Helperbird user James Connell

James Connell


Works a treat. Couldn't get to work. This is brill!

Photo of Helperbird user Sue Dowdall

Sue Dowdall