How to cancel my Helperbird Pro subscription

Discover how to cancel your Helperbird Pro subscription.


First, you will need to have a Helperbird Pro account. As we use your email, that you`re signed
into your browser as your login. Open Helperbird. Click the settings cog on the top right. A
dropdown will appear, click the settings option. A new tab with the Helperbird settings page will

'Click the Helperbird settings cog, on the top right'

Scroll down to the "Subscription" card. You will then see a button called Manage. Click it.

'Helperbirds click manage button'

This will bring up the Stripe settings Click the cancel subscription button.

'Click cancel'

Click the confirm cancel button.

'Confirm and cancel Helperbird.'

Thats it, you are now cancel. You can renew at any time.

'Successful cancel page.'

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