Latest changes to Helperbird for Google Chrome.

Release Notes

See whats new in Helperbird for Chrome

  • New Google Docs font.
  • Improved design.
  • Better subscription options.
  • Text to speech options.
  • Bug fixes and feedback.
  • Directory app.

  • Three new fonts.
  • Over 200 new voices to pick from for the text to speech.
  • Performance increased by 10%.
  • Explain/ Dictionary feature.
  • Text to speech: Choose words per minute.
  • Pick custom colors for fonts.
  • Pick custom colors for overlays.
  • Pick custom colors for backgrounds
  • Better text to speech options.
  • New pricing options.

  • New Colors.
  • Cleaner Design.
  • Tint/Overlay options.
  • Performance increased by 45%.
  • More fonts.
  • Bug where users subscription was not active.
  • Fix broken html on any website.
  • New pricing options.
  • Better text to speech options.