🎉 Welcome to the future of Helperbird 🎉

I know people say it all the time, this is truly the best version of Helperbird yet. We have a faster accessibility engine, sharper features, and our new iOs app. Helperbird is there to help you unlock your full potential, from Chrome, Edge & Safari or ever Google Docs, Helperbird is there to help.

Helperbird for iPad & iPhone

iPad & iPhone app is released.🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Finally after months of waiting our iOs app is released. We will be updating the website over the next few days with guides, videos and download links.

In the mean time you can search "Helperbird for Safari" in the app store. You will need iOs 15 though.

Download Helperbird for iOs

Whats new?

  • Fix: Ocr is now working again, after Chrome 98, we had to update our text.
  • Update: We released our new code engine, meaning everything is faster and quicker to respond. Do you notice the difference?
  • Update: Text to speech is now quicker and better.
  • Update: Voice typing now works on more websites and apps
  • New: Added more voices to the text to speech. You may notice flags next to the different voices now.
  • New: All notifactions now have better text, to understand the action
  • New: Read it later now adds more details.