Release notes for Helperbird 100.0.6

This update is all about the nice touches and fixes that make Helperbird even better.

Welcome 👋

Hey everyone, Robert James, the founder of Helperbird here.

We have exciting changes and improvements released in today's update to Helperbird. These improvements and changes are the beginning of the future of Helperbird.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be giving our website and support videos a facelift and bringing everything together, with the goal of continuing our mission to give learners the tools to unlock their full potential.

What's new?


You might have noticed, we have given Helperbird a facelift. New navigation color, new background colors. The quick action menu now has different colors for each button. Meaning it is easier for users and more importantly easier for young learners to discover how to use Helperbirds productivity features, like voice typing and immersive reader.

Google Docs word prediction

Helperbirds word prediction now supports the new Google Docs. Just turn it on.

New tools in the quick menu

After a great amount of feedback, we have added more tools to the quick action menu. Making it easier to access our great learning tools.

You can access our world-class accessibility features

  • Reader Mode: extract the contents from any article or website and present it in a beautifully designed, distraction and add free.
  • Immersive reader: Brings Immersive Reader by Microsoft to every website, through our award-winning browser extension.
  • Annotate any website: Quickly create a note on any website or pdf.
  • Extract text: Helperbirds amazing ORC feature, allows you to extract from any image, website, or video in seconds. Saving it your clipboard.
  • Screenshot: Capture and download a screenshot of any website.
  • Reading list: Add your current website to your reading list.
  • Translate: Translate the current website into any language you want. Allow done in seconds.
  • Summarise website: Summarise the current article or website into bullet points.
  • Word prediction: Turn on word prediction support, on every website or even Google Docs. Just start typing and our suggestions will start flowing.
  • Voice typing: When enabled, a microphone icon is added to every input, just click and start speaking.
  • Highlight menu: We highly recommend turning on this feature, it allows you to highlight any sentence or word. A toolbar appears above with shortcuts to access our text to speech, immersive reader, highlighter and so much more.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: When enabled, the keyboard shortcuts for Helperbird allow you to access more features quickly. Check the settings page keyboards.
  • PDF reader: quickly access our incredible PDF reader, where you can access support for PDF readers.

Reader mode improvements

We can now change the themes to suit your style. You can also get more content than before.

Immersive reader upgraded to 1.2.0

We have upgraded the Immersive reader to version 1.2.0, bringing more features like translation support.

Several UI fixes.

  • The drawer menu fills the full page.
  • Shows you when you need to log in.
  • Apps, now show a loading animation on pages and fill the full page.

Whats next?

We are redesigning and updating our website this month. Allowing you to find more useful guides, information on our website. Plus fixing our grammar and spelling across the site.

If you have any ideas or suggestions we would love to hear it.

Thank you

Robert James & The Helperbird team.