Release notes for Helperbird 100.5.0

This update brings word prediction back to Google Docs, Voice typing and so much more.

What's new?

📝 Voice typing in Google Docs

When Google Docs updated to the new Canvas version, it broke many extensions. Thankfully after a hard few weeks, word prediction is now back in Helperbird for Google Docs. Just enable it and start typing. We also have improved the speaking rate and pitch with it too.

🗣️ Voice typing has been rebuilt

Thanks to feedback from our users, we have redesigned the Voice typing feature. It is now more reliable and more responsive. We have redesigned it to be more user friendly and to be more reliable. You can now use it on any website, including Gmail, Google Docs. You name it.

🎤 Text to speech voices are free

All current voices are free for the next 90 days. We might extend this based on feedback.

🖼️ Our new engine

We released our new Helperbird engine, what does that mean though? We have a new engine that is a lot faster, also making room for voice typing and word prediction on Google Docs, Google Slidea and Forums.

🖼️ Show image title & Alts on hover

Helperbird now show alt and title attributes on images when you hover on them.

📙 Reader mode improvements

We can now change the themes to suit your style. You can also get more content than before.

📙 Immersive reader upgraded to 1.2.0

We have upgraded the Immersive reader to version 1.2.0, bringing more features like translation support.

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