What's new in Helperbird 24.3.0

See whats new in Helperbird 24.3.0

50% summer sale on now!

All plans are reduced by 50% right now until August 31st. Pro is 3.99 montly and yearly is now 30.00.

Ad blocker features!

Privacy is important here at Helperbird and we had gotten a few requests for us to add an ad blocker. So Im delighted to say we have finally added a quick and fast ad blocker. Blocking the most annoying type of ads.

Lexend font added

After many requests we have finally added the Lexend font. Lexend is a variable font designed to aid in reading proficiency. It designed for the non-profit RevReading in 2018. Applying the Shaver-Troup Individually Optimal Text Formation Factors, studies have found readers instantaneously improve their reading fluency

Added a refesh button to sync your subscription!

Save notes from around the web.

Improved the styles and themes for Reading Mode

Save notes from around the web.

Add read time to Reading Mode

Save notes from around the web.