Welcome to the new Helperbird 55.0.0

Speech to text in Google docs

Speak instead of typing into Google docs, using our a new speech to text feature. Just enable the toolbar and click the mic.

Helperbirds redesign

Summarize text on a page.

Highlight any text or page and we will summarize the next into three bullet points. Handy for making notes.

Helperbirds redesign

Speech to text on all inputs

Speak instead of typing on all inputs, using our a new speech to text feature. Just enable the feature.

Helperbirds redesign

PDF support

Helperbird is proud to announce we now have PDF support. So what does that mean? Just open a PDF file and turn on the Toolbar option. Using the toolbar, you have access to all our features. Just highlight the text and click the feature. This includes immersive reader.

Other changes

Icon fonts go missing on Helperbird. Exampe being outlook.com

Update links in app to support guide links

Whats coming next

Word prediction.

Safari plugin

What our Helperbird customers say

Over 400,000 use Helperbird every day. Allowing them to be more accessible and productive on the web.