Welcome to the new Helperbird 61.0.0 🥳

We have a few surprises.....

We hope everyone has a great summer. Here at Helperbird, we are going to be busy releasing new features and new platforms for Helperbird to run on. Google docs add-on, iPad, iPhone & Sarfrai extensions. It's a really exciting time here at Helperbird.

So what's new in this update of Helperbird?

New features

🖼️ Dyslexia Ruler width

You can now set the ruler width of the dyslexia ruler. This a great suggestion by Nikki and we know you all are going to love it.

🪟 Google docs add-on.

It is currently being approved by Google and should be released in two weeks. We can't wait for everyone to see it.

✍️ Fonts now 100% work on Sharepoint and O365.

This was a nice bug to finally fix, The font changer now works on Sharepoint and 0365. No more icon fonts being hidden.

🗒️ The pause was sometimes not updating.

The Helperbird pause feature now updates straight away.

🏛️ Summary feature updated.

Now gives you five points of the summarized text. Also the UI has been updated.

✔️ Line height tweaked.

The line high function doesn't do anything when I turn it on. This has been fixed.


Upgrade banner redesigned

The upgrade banner is now redesigned to look better.

Reading Mode updates

The Reading Mode is now 80% faster and cleaner. Doesn't remove text and is easier to read.

PDF Support

You can now use all our features in the PDF files, this includes the sticky notes, highlighter, dyslexia ruler, and more. Just click PDF viewer.

Add Roadmap to app

You can now see the Helperbird Roadmap in our app. Be sure to give us more suggestions.

Whats coming next?

iPad app

iPhone app