Welcome to Helperbird 80.5.0 👋

October is one of the most important months of the year here for us at Helperbird.

This month is Dyslexia awareness month.

Helperbird's founder Robert James has dyslexia and made it his mission to help others. We have huge things to announce this month, from our iPad app to our Google Forms add-on.

Helperbird is known for its dyslexia support, the Helperbird team likes to think Helperbird helps everyone from all walks of life and needs. We are releasing our highly anticipated iPad, iPhone, and Safari app this month (Check out below for screenshots).

Love Helperbird?

I would also love for everyone and anyone to review us on the Chrome store, to help us spread our mission.

So what's new in Helperbird 80.5.0

Redesigned quick actions area

You can now get access to all our core features in a click. From the OCR, Screenshot, Reader mode, Immersive reader. No more scrolling.

A huge thank you to James Brady for the idea.

Keyboard shortcuts can be turned off

Keyboard shortcuts can now be turned off in the settings pages.

New: New high contrast fliters

We added more high contrast fliters, from yellow on black, high contrast, greyscale and more.

Redesigned notes

The sticky notes can now be adjusted and tweaked to your needs. Looks better on different pages too.

Fixed: Immersive reader fliters out html.

Immersive reader now removes un needed html tags and text from pages.

New: Rebuilt Reader mode

It's now quicker and eaiser than ever to use the Reader mode features.

New: Rebuilt PDF reader

It's now quicker and eaiser than ever to use the PDF reader features. You can turn PDFs and quicker to load.