Happy Holidays from the Helperbird team.

Being version 90.0.0 of Helperbird, we wanted to clean up a few areas and make it even easier to use than before.

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I would also love for everyone and anyone to review us on the Chrome store, to help us spread our mission. Every little bit helps!

So what's new in Helperbird 90.0.0

  • Full keyboard support across the navigation and app.
  • Redesigned navigation.
  • Better descriptions and tooltips for every feature.
  • Links to help guides for every feature. Just click the three dots.
  • Better contrast design for colorblindness and accessibility support.
  • Reading Mode got a redesign, making it easier and better than before.
  • PDFs now support ePub files.
  • If there were no favorite features, there is now a default card.
  • We added a footer with links to our social media and support guides.
  • Removed the annoying signup bar and replaced it with the diamond button.
  • Shortcut button added to quick access area.
  • Released our new help guides, which can be found here.