Helperbird: Kingfisher

Making the web accessible to your needs is now easier with Helperbird: Kingfisher

If you have opened a Helperbird recently, you may have noticed that all the features you love, plus a few new ones, are wrapped up in a fresh look.

The new UI is part of a foundational update that will enable us to introduce additional features (Like Math's support) to our users, including more improvements the clarity and effectiveness of voice typing and word prediction.

We have also started naming our updates. So, we welcome you to Helperbird: Kingfisher.

What is new in Helperbird: Kingfisher.

Favorites has been overhauled!

Thanks to the feedback on how the favoriting a feature works. We have changed it to, that when you favorite a feature, it will appear first.

A love heart will also appear next to the features to show you it has been favorited.

No more separate lists. Woo. favorites

Searching is now smarter

Helperbirds old search was not great. The Helperbird team have overhauled it, you can search for multiple individual features and settings all at once. favorites

Grouping features

Here at a Helperbird, we always aim to make our app even easier to use. That is why we have decided to group similar features together.

For example, we now have a paragraph card. In here are all the features for changing how paragraphs work and feel. Making it easier to find features. Do not worry with our new search, you can still find all our features. favorites

Sticky Notes has been rebuilt

Helperbirds fabulous Sticky note feature has been rebuilt from the ground up and over 15 bugs have been fixed and we even gave it a whole fresh look. Making it even more stylish to take notes on the web. favorites

Readers & Reading Mode

One the most frequent questions we get is “Do you offer PDF support.” The answer is we sure do!

We now introducing the Helperbird Reader card. Quickly access the PDF support, Immersive Reader, Reading Mode, and even more future readers.

Speaking of Reading Mode, we have introduced controls for the width of the Reading Mode and even a style or card or no card. favorites

Dyslexia Rulers, Line ruler and reading guide are now one.

These features are similar but different and it caused some confusion on which is best. So, after allot of testing and feedback, we have merged them together with unique style options under a Ruler card.

Also, the Rulers can now follow left to right and up to down.

Do you like this change? favorites

All colors are merged

You may notice a trend here, but now all the background, text, link colors are available under the card “Styles and Colors.” Makes sense, doesn’t it? favorites

Introducing Video controls.

One area, we have been investigating is Video. Well, we proud to introduce our video controls.

In the Helperbird video card, you can control the volume, playback speed, show controls and even mute videos. You can set your preference once and Helperbird will have it by default. favorites

Introducing Accessibility card.

We have grouped the following features under the Accessibility card.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Reduce motion.
  • Spell check.

Some minor tweaks.

  • Added a green check next to features that are enabled.
  • Annotations have been redesigned.
  • You can now change the color of visited links.
  • You can now add a background color to paragraphs.
  • Line height works again.
  • Text size is now adjustable.
  • Text to speech highlight works again.