No Scrolling Edition 🎂

We are excited to announce the next update of Helperbird, which includes several new features, improvements, and bug fixes. We've been working hard to make Helperbird even better and we hope you enjoy the changes.

New features

Quick Action Customization

You can now add any feature to the quick action area for easy access. You can also remove features and toggle them on and off as needed. No more scrolling to find what you need!

Saturation support

We've added page saturation support to help those with color blindness adjust color levels on a page for better visibility.


Video Guides

We've added links to our video guides to make it easier for you to get started with Helperbird and learn about its features.

Google Docs Link

We've added a Google Docs link to the addon, so you can access all of our documentation in one place.

Redesigned Reading Mode

Our Reading Mode has been redesigned for a better user experience.

New Color Pickers

We've added new color pickers to make it easier for you to select the colors you want.

Added Colors Next to Each Card

We've added colors next to each card to make it easier to see which cards have which colors.

Bug Fixes

Text to Speech Voices

Text to speech voices are now loaded correctly.

Immersive Reader Failed to Load

The issue with the immersive reader failing to load has been fixed.

Edge Login

We've added a guide on how to log in to Helperbird on Edge.


We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements in this update of Helperbird, as well as the bug fixes. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Thank you for using Helperbird!