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Helperbird 107.5.0 2024-04-11


New 🔑 Keyboard Navigation Improved

Enhanced keyboard support for app navigation.

New 🎯 Focus Issue Fixes

Improved button focus for better usability.

New 🆕 New Default Apps

Added new default applications.

New 🔔 Updated Notification System

Notifications and updates system improved.

New 🗣️ Text to Speech Enhancements

Text to speech now includes natural voices and word highlighting.

New 🚪 Modal Escape Key

Added escape key functionality to exit modals.

New 📸 Screenshot Feature Update

Moved screenshot feature for easier access.

New 🔢 Math Reader Update

Improved Math Reader for faster equation processing.

New 📝 Sticky Notes Redesign

Made sticky notes smaller and more compact.

New 📚 Reading Level Indicator

Added a reading level indicator under text input fields.

New ⚡ Speed Reading Settings

Speed reading settings now have their own separate pages.

New 📱 Subscription Key Fix for iPhone Users

Fixed a bug affecting subscription key recognition on iPhone.

New 🔐 Simplified Subscription Key Usage

Removed login reminders for subscription key usage.

New ✨ UI Improvements

Updated UI for a cleaner look and feel.



Upcoming ✏️ New Highlighter Supports

Enhanced highlighter functionality for improved document handling.

Upcoming 🎙️ Voice Typing into Inputs

Added voice typing feature for text input fields.

Helperbird 107.1.5 February 22nd, 2024


New Right-Click Pause: Fixed and Functional 🚫🎵

Encountered a glitch with 'Stop Playing' on right-click? We've ironed out the creases. Your audio controls are now seamless.

New Immersive Reader Customization: Your Read, Your Rules 📖⚙️

Tailor your reading experience with customizable Immersive Reader settings. Choose your preferred voice, speed, and text size for a reading experience that's uniquely yours.

New OCR Tool: Now with Translation Support 🌍✍️

The OCR tool just got smarter! With translation support, accessing and understanding content in multiple languages is a breeze.

New Highlighter on PDFs: Bug Squashed 🐛🖍️

Frustrated with the highlighter not working on PDFs? Worry no more. We've zapped this bug for smooth, uninterrupted learning.

New Summarizing Tool: Auto-Reset on New Pages 🔄📄

Our summarizing tool now automatically resets with each new page you visit, ensuring a fresh start for every read.

New Login & Account Redesign: Sleek and Secure 🔐💡

Experience our new login and account pages, redesigned for a sleeker look and a more secure sign-in process.


Fix UI Clutter Cleanup: Enhanced Navigation 🧹✨

We've cleaned up the UI, fixing cluttered features and buttons for a smoother navigation experience across Helperbird.


Upcoming Bug Report Feature: Your Feedback Matters 🐞📝

Stay tuned! A dedicated bug report feature is on its way, making it easier for you to share feedback and help us improve.

Helperbird 107.1.0 February 6th, 2024


New Maths Reader Update: No More Confusion 🤔

When maths puzzles stump our Maths Reader Beta, it now clearly says 'No Maths Found.' No more guessing games!

New Tab Through Image Descriptions 🖼️➡️

Good news! You can now use the tab key to move through image descriptions easily. It's web surfing made simpler.

New PDF Fonts: Your Style, Your Choice 📚✍️

Make PDFs yours by choosing fonts like Lexend and Open Dyslexic. Reading comfort just got a personal touch!

New PDFs in Google Drive & Classroom: Open Seamlessly 📂🎓

Now, Helperbird PDF reader works directly with Google Drive and Classroom. Access and read PDFs without a hitch!

New Sliders That Keep Up with You 🎚️💨

Our sliders now move as fast as you do, updating instantly for a smooth and responsive experience.

New Speed Reading, Now With 100% Less HTML 📖✔️

Enjoy speed reading without the surprise of HTML snippets. Just pure, focused reading.


Fix No More Random Sticky Notes on Refresh 🚫📝

We've cleaned up the clutter! Refreshing your tabs no longer brings up unexpected sticky notes.


Upcoming Connect With Us: Reddit, Twitter, & YouTube 🌐💬

Join our Reddit community, follow us on Twitter, and watch our latest YouTube videos for fun, tips, and updates. Let's engage!

Helperbird 107.0.3 January 28th 2024


New Increased Limit for Free Users in Immersive Reader

Big news for our free users! The Immersive Reader's character limit has been bumped up to a generous 2400. More reading, more learning!

New Spanish Support Now in Text/Screenshot Reader

Our text/screenshot reader is going global! Embrace the diversity with our new Spanish and Arabic language support.

New Arabic Support Now in Text/Screenshot Reader

Our text/screenshot reader is going global! Embrace the diversity with our new Spanish and Arabic language support.

New Alt Text, Your Way

Personalize your web experience with our new alt text options. Image descriptions and link alt texts are now separate, giving you the choice to see what matters most to you.

New Introducing a Sleeker, More Focused Reading Mode

Dive into a cleaner and more intuitive Reading Mode. We've streamlined the look for a distraction-free reading experience that you'll love.

New Math Learning with Our Maths Reader Beta

Introducing the Maths Reader Beta! Snap a math problem and watch it come to life in the Immersive Reader. Perfect for learning or quick help with homework. Your feedback can shape its future!

New Text/Screenshot Reader Now with Translations

Your translation tasks just got easier! Our enhanced text/screenshot tool now comes with a built-in translator. Instantly translate text for a seamless multilingual experience.

New Immersive Reader in Text/Screenshot Tool

We've integrated the Immersive Reader directly into our text/screenshot tool. Now, opening and reading your screenshots is more straightforward and efficient than ever!

New New, Streamlined Search Bar

Looking for something? Find it in a flash with our sleek new search bar. A smoother, more intuitive Helperbird is just a search away.

New Dark Mode Arrives

It's here! Dark Mode arrives in Helperbird, bringing with it a stylish and eye-friendly interface. Perfect for those late-night study sessions or early morning browsing.


Fix Highlight menu bug

We've squashed a pesky bug! Now, the highlight menu won't interfere with your Immersive Reader experience, making your reading smoother than ever.


Upcoming Revamping our Website

Get ready to be wowed! A brand new Helperbird website is on its way, promising a cleaner and more user-friendly interface. Stay tuned for an online experience like never before!

Helperbird 107.0.0 Janurary 16th 2024


New PDF Reader Just Got an Upgrade!

Exciting news! Our PDF reader now opens directly from Google Drive and Classroom, and guess what? It supports all the amazing Helperbird features!

New Light as a Feather!

We've worked some magic to make Helperbird super light on your computer. Now saving a whopping 60% on RAM!

New Reading Mode Redesigned!

Our Reading Mode has a fresh new look, and it's better than ever! Nearly all Helperbird features work seamlessly within it.

New Voice Typing Smooth as Silk

We've given voice typing a makeover, making it smoother and more intuitive. Speak away effortlessly!

New Sticky Notes, Now Stickier and Prettier!

Our sticky notes have been revamped with better icons and a fresh design. Get ready to stick your thoughts everywhere!

New Real-Time App Updates

We're now updating in real-time! Features not supported in docs or PDFs will be smartly disabled. Keeping things neat and tidy!

New Smoother Keyboard Navigation

We've updated our keyboard navigation to be smoother and more intuitive. Navigate with ease!

New Alt Tags Updated App-Wide

We've refreshed alt tags across the app for a more accessible experience.

New Immersive Reader at Lightning Speed

Hold onto your hats! Our Immersive Reader is now faster and remembers your settings!

New Modals for Filters and Configuration

Introducing modals for filters and configuration in the Helperbird apps. Configuring just got a whole lot cooler!

New Document Editor Reimagined

Our document editor has a brand-new look! Enjoy enhanced writing breakdowns, exporting options, and more.



Upcoming Night Owls Rejoice with Dark Mode!

Get ready for a sleeker, easier-on-the-eyes experience with our upcoming Dark Mode!

Upcoming Immersive Reader in the OCR Tool

We're bringing the power of Immersive Reader to our OCR tool. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Maths Support in Immersive Reader

Maths is getting friendlier with upcoming support in our Immersive Reader. Math lovers, this one's for you!

Helperbird 116.0.0 Upcoming Release Date November 29th


New PowerPoint Support for Online

We've added support for PowerPoint online, enhancing your productivity.

New Dyslexia Features in Their Own Cards

Dyslexia features now have dedicated cards for improved accessibility.

New UI Tweaks for a Cleaner Look

We've made UI tweaks to provide a cleaner and more intuitive experience.

New Summarize Mode Integrated

The Summarize mode is now seamlessly integrated into the app for your convenience.

New Paragraph Features in Their Own Card

Paragraph-related features now have their dedicated card for easy access.

New Enhanced Volume Booster

Our volume booster is now available and works with both videos and audio.

New Automatic PDF Opening in Google Classroom

Google Classroom now allows automatic opening of PDFs for a smoother workflow.

New Touch Support for Sliders

Sliders across the app now fully support touch interactions.

New Shortcuts are free again

Shortcuts were made paid while we fixed a bug. They are now free again.

New Improved Accessibility for Sliders

Sliders now have better text and translations, enhancing their accessibility.

New Bug Fix: Text-to-Speech Player

We've fixed a bug where the Text-to-Speech player would occasionally not stop or work on iOS and Chrome.

New Enhanced PII Removal for Immersive Reader

We've improved our PII (Personally Identifiable Information) removal function. We now remove sensitive information locally, adding an extra layer of protection for Immersive Reader users.



Upcoming Coming Soon: Google Docs and Slides Add-on

Stay tuned for our upcoming release where the Google Docs and Slides addon will be bundled and available for use.

Upcoming Coming Soon: Helperbird for Android

We're excited to announce that Helperbird will soon be available for Android users, expanding our reach to a wider audience.

Upcoming Coming Soon: Helperbird for Firefox on Android

Get ready for the Helperbird experience on Firefox for Android. Coming soon to enhance your browsing on mobile devices.

Upcoming Coming Soon: Redesigned Reading Mode

More details coming soon.

Upcoming Coming Soon: Redesigned Summary feature

More details coming soon.

Helperbird 105.0.1 Upcoming Release Date


New New Reading Mode Design

We've updated the Reading Mode to be more responsive, now fully supporting smaller screens.

New Follow Mouse Feature for Dyslexia Ruler

The dyslexia ruler now includes a 'follow mouse' feature, offering an enhanced user experience.

New Restored 'Add to Reading List' Functionality

Due to popular demand, the 'Add to Reading List' feature has been reinstated.

New Sync Toggle

You now have the option to turn syncing on or off.

New In-app Update Notifications

Updates will no longer display on a separate page, streamlining the update process.

New Redesigned Settings Page

The settings page has been redesigned for improved usability.

New Import Helperbird Settings

You can now import your Helperbird settings for easier setup on new devices.

New Export Helperbird Notes and Settings

We've added the ability to export both Helperbird notes and settings.

New Shorter Codes for Districts

District codes have been shortened for easier access.

New Extended Immersive Reader Limit

Immersive Reader on Helperbird Free now supports up to 1800 characters.

New Immersive Reader for PDFs

Immersive Reader is now compatible with PDF files.

New Coupon Prompt

Show a Helperbird prompt and receive a special coupon.

New Extended Reworder Limit

The Reworder feature now supports up to 1000 characters.

New Fixed Trial Year Display

Resolved an issue where the trial period incorrectly displayed as starting in 1970.

New Added Reading Mode Themes

New themes are now available in Reading Mode.

New Custom Fonts in Reading Mode

Reading Mode now supports custom fonts for a more personalized reading experience.

New Microsoft Word Support

Helperbird is now compatible with Microsoft Word.



Upcoming Upcoming Features

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in our next release.

Helperbird 105.0.0 Upcoming Release Date


New Redesigned Settings Page

We've revamped the settings page for a more intuitive user experience.

New Improved Dyslexia Rulers

The dyslexia rulers are now less buggy, making reading easier for users with dyslexia.

New PDF Reader Enhancements

Added 4 new features to the PDF reader, including OCR and page support. You can now open PDFs with a single click, no download required.

New New Summarize Engine

Our new summarization engine helps you get the gist of long articles and documents quickly.

New Side Panel UI for Edge and Firefox

We've extended the side panel UI to Microsoft Edge and Firefox for a consistent user experience across browsers.


Fix Addressed a bug that affected dictionary function on iPads, ensuring consistent functionality across devices.

Fix Fixed z-index issues on sliders and badges, resulting in a smoother, more visually consistent user experience.

Fix Rectified a bug where text-to-speech color highlighting didn't function upon change, enhancing readability and user interaction.

Fix Fixed an issue with the word prediction feature in Google Docs where it added a word three times, ensuring accurate and efficient predictive text.


Upcoming Upcoming Features

In our next release, look forward to a new Reading Mode and an upgraded voice typing engine.

Helperbird 104.1.0 July 10th, 2023


New Quick Actions Personalization

Users can now remove all default quick actions and set their own features, adding another layer of personalization to the Helperbird experience.

New Improved Voice Typing

We've upgraded the voice typing feature. It now supports multiple languages and comes with an improved user interface.

New Enhanced Quick Actions Flexibility

Users can now add all apps to the quick actions and remove all default apps, providing more control and customization options.

New Optimized Dimensions for iOS Devices

A default height and width have been set for optimal usage on iPad and iPhone devices.

New Word Prediction

Word prediction now leverages web components for improved performance.

New Citation Support

Dragging notes into the editor now automatically adds a link to the original file, making referencing easier.

New Note Titles

Users can now add titles to their notes for better organization.

New Text to Speech Enhancement

Text to Speech is now faster, providing an even smoother user experience.

New New App Icons

We've introduced new icons for several apps, adding a fresh look and feel to the platform.

New Web Search

Users can now quickly search the web directly from Helperbird.

New Comprehensive Editor Statistics

The editor now includes a word count feature, which provides details such as word count, character count, reading time, speech time, writing time, average word length, average sentence length, paragraph count, and more.


Fix Firefox Compatibility

We've updated Helperbird to be compatible with the latest versions of Firefox, addressing previous compatibility issues.


Upcoming Upcoming Features

In our next release, look forward to support for Enterprise Analytics, eBook compatibility, a comprehensive accessibility audit to further enhance user experience and inclusivity, and a redesigned Google Docs add-on.

Helperbird 104.0.5 June 17th, 2023


New Drag and Drop Format

The new update provides a drag and drop format to offer more convenience and enhance the user experience. Users can now easily drag and drop elements, making navigation within the platform more intuitive.

New Open PDF Toggle

The newly introduced toggle feature now allows users to open PDFs directly in the PDF reader, simplifying document handling and increasing user efficiency.

New Ruler Settings

A newly introduced feature allows users to change the color of the ruler based on their selected settings, adding a personalized touch to their Helperbird experience.

New Reading Mode Enhancements

We've solved an overflow issue on titles in Reading mode, offering a smoother, distraction-free reading experience for users.

New PDF Reader Update

A fix has been implemented to handle file overflows in the PDF reader, ensuring a seamless document viewing experience.

New Color Preservations in Shadow DOM

We've addressed an issue where colors were being lost in the Shadow DOM, ensuring consistent and accurate color representation across all components.

New Speed Reading Feature

The color initiation issue in the Speed Reading feature has been resolved. Furthermore, the entire Speed Reading feature has been rebuilt to enhance functionality and provide a smoother user experience.

New UI Improvements

A design update has removed the grey bar around the toolbar to provide a cleaner, more streamlined interface. Additionally, the footer positioning has been optimized for better layout balance.

New Accessibility Audit

We've performed an accessibility audit to ensure the platform is user-friendly and compliant with accessibility standards, making Helperbird more inclusive for all users.

New Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Word Prediction Updates

The TTS feature now has improved voice update responsiveness. We've addressed an issue with color highlighting on change. Moreover, the Word Prediction feature has been refined for better performance. We've resolved the issue where the word prediction was adding a word three times in Google Docs.

New iPad Compatibility

The issue where the dictionary feature was not functioning on iPad has been addressed and resolved. Now all iOS users can leverage the full functionality of Helperbird.

New Z-Index Updates

We've addressed z-index issues on sliders and badges, ensuring a more smooth and consistent user interface.

New Sticky Notes Customization

Users can now customize sticky notes, adding another layer of personalization to their Helperbird experience.

New Configuration Settings

All color choices have now been moved to a centralized configuration setting, enabling easier and more intuitive color customization.


Fix Fixed a variety of bugs including a major one that prevented the customization of sticky notes. A bug related to the speed reading feature overflow has been resolved, allowing users to read at high speed without any visual overflow issues.

Fix Resolved a glitch where text-to-speech wasn't automatically updating voices, ensuring users always have access to the most current and natural-sounding voices.

Fix Addressed a bug that affected dictionary function on iPads, ensuring consistent functionality across devices.

Fix Fixed z-index issues on sliders and badges, resulting in a smoother, more visually consistent user experience.

Fix Rectified a bug where text-to-speech color highlighting didn't function upon change, enhancing readability and user interaction.

Fix Fixed an issue with the word prediction feature in Google Docs where it added a word three times, ensuring accurate and efficient predictive text.

Helperbird 104.0.2 May 30th, 2023


New Font Preview

In this update, users are now able to preview fonts before selecting them. This feature helps to ensure the chosen font is to the user's liking and suitability.

New Quick Actions Translation

We've made improvements to the Quick Actions area. Users can now conveniently perform translations without any issues, making multilingual accessibility more efficient.

New Added More Color Options

We've expanded the color options available across all features. With over 15 colors to choose from, users can now personalize their Helperbird experience to suit their preferences.

New Replaced Selects With Buttons

To provide a more user-friendly and intuitive interface, all select options have been replaced with buttons.


Fix Fixed Translation in Quick Actions

The issue with translation through the quick actions area has been addressed and resolved, making the tool more reliable and easy to use.

Fix Minor Fixes and Improvements

This version includes a range of small fixes and improvements that enhance the overall user experience and functionality of Helperbird.

Helperbird 104.0.1 May 17th, 2023


New Improved Navigation

The bottom navigation has been divided into Writing, Reading, and Accessibility categories for easier access to specific features.

New Enhanced Math Support

Helperbird now includes Maths Solving Support and Immersive Reader Support for Maths, providing assistance and an immersive reading experience for mathematical content.

New Expanded File Format Support

Helperbird now supports Epub files, allowing users to access and read electronic books in that format. Additionally, offline support is now available, enabling users to utilize Helperbird even without an internet connection.

New Enhanced PDF Tools

The PDF reader in Helperbird now offers new tools such as next page and back options, improving the overall reading experience for PDF documents.

New Improved User Interface

Helperbird has undergone UI improvements to provide a smoother and more user-friendly experience, making it easier for new users to get accustomed to the tool.

New Faster Search

Helperbird now includes a fast search feature, enabling users to quickly find specific functionalities or settings within the tool.

New Optimized Resource Usage

Helperbird has been optimized to reduce its resource consumption, resulting in improved performance and a more efficient user experience.


Fix Over 30 Major Fixes and Improvements

Version 104.0.1 includes a significant number of bug fixes and overall enhancements, addressing reported issues and refining the functionality of Helperbird.

Fix UI Fixes

The user interface has undergone fixes and improvements to enhance its usability and visual appeal.

Fix New Notification Bell

A new notification bell feature has been added to Helperbird, providing users with easy access to important notifications and updates.

Helperbird 102.8.0 April 12th, 2023


New Sticky notes now play the current text

New Sticky notes prefill is now the placeholder text

New Drag and drop support for PDFs in the PDF reader

New Links to change the sound settings


Fix The new Google Docs is supported

Fix Student mode is now supported

Helperbird 102.7.9 March 29th, 2023


New Sticky notes now have a new look

New Sticky notes are keyboard accessible

New Sticky notes can now read out loud

New You can now translate Reading Mode pages

New Highlight menu tool is now supported in the PDF reader

New OCR/Extract text closes when you turn it on

New OCR reads text out loud by default

New Helperbird shows the welcome screen when you install it


Fix Over 20 very minor bug fixes and improvements

Fix Defaults to Lexend to the font

Helperbird 102.7.8 March 16th, 2023


New Portuguese (Brazil) language

New Portuguese (Portuguese) language

New Portuguese support for word prediction

New Added Bold font support

New Smoother and quicker loading


Fix Over 20 very minor bug fixes and improvements

Fix Defaults to Lexend to the font