Helperbird for Google Docs & Slides

Unlock a new level of productivity and accessibility in your Google Docs and Slides. Experience dyslexia-friendly fonts, text-to-speech, Microsoft's Immersive Reader, instant translation, and more—all for free.


Access all your favorite Helperbird features directly within Google Docs and Slides.
Our addon seamlessly integrates to enhance your productivity and accessibility.

Immersive Reader

Unlock Microsoft's Immersive Reader in Google Docs and Slides for free. Elevate reading and writing for users of all ages and abilities.

Dyslexic fonts

Switch to dyslexia-friendly fonts in Google Docs and Slides effortlessly. Use OpenDyslexic, Lexend, and more to improve readability.

Text to Speech

Bring your Google Docs and Slides to life with our Text-to-Speech feature. Listen to your content for easier proofreading and multitasking.


Break language barriers in Google Docs and Slides with our instant Translation feature. Collaborate and understand content in multiple languages effortlessly.

Text Statistics

Analyze your writing in Google Docs and Slides with our Text Statistics feature. Gain insights into readability, word count, and complexity at a glance.

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