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Privacy of Helperbird

Helperbird will never sell, store, or consume any user data.


At Helperbird, your privacy isn't just a priority—it's a commitment. We value and protect your personal data. Here's a rundown of our practices when you use our applications or visit our website:

  • No Peeking! We don’t track, use, or store any personal data on our servers or any third-party ones. Everything is stored locally on your device for settings and educational reasons.

  • Just Checking! We request to know your email solely to verify if you've purchased our services through Stripe. Rest assured, it doesn’t get stored anywhere outside of Stripe.

  • All About You: Our applications are designed with user privacy in mind. They don’t gather, utilize, or save any of your personal data. Your individual settings remain on your device, and we consider that your private space.

  • Fort Knox Standards: We've taken rigorous measures to safeguard your data from mishaps. Our payment gateways are secure, and trusted entities like Google, Firefox, and Microsoft regularly scrutinize our code for malware. Plus, all our employees are equipped with two-step verification for enhanced security.

  • Kids are Special: In line with the Children’s Online Security Protection Act (COPPA & FERPA), we don't collect data from anyone, especially children under the age of 13.

  • Permission, Always: Occasionally, we might ask for your email and permission to modify the current webpage. This is strictly to verify your paid status in Stripe and to apply the modifications you desire on the webpage.

  • Analytics? Nope: Your trust is paramount. We don't engage with Google Analytics or any third-party apps. All your data stays local to your device.


  • Stripe for Payments: We utilize Stripe for processing payments. To verify if you've paid for our services, we interact with Stripe via our secure AWS server. It's paramount to understand that while we use AWS to facilitate this interaction, we do not store any of your information on it. Strict security practices are in place to ensure the utmost protection during this process.

  • Clean Slate Policy: When a user departs from your Workspace, we ensure their settings are cleared from the browser. For more insight on this, delve here.

Links to Other Websites

Our digital trails might guide you to other exciting corners of the web. However, once you venture out of our domain, remember we can't steer those ships. Their protective measures and policies might not echo ours. Always take a minute to appraise their security protocols. Safe browsing!

Therefore, we cannot be responsible for the protection and security of any information which you provide whilst visiting such sites and such sites are not governed by this security statement.

You should exercise caution and look at the security statement applicable to the website in question.

GDPR, Brexit, and Data Rights

Committed to Compliance: In alignment with GDPR regulations and post-Brexit data protection standards, Helperbird remains vigilant in upholding the highest data protection measures. It's essential to note that Helperbird does not store or collect any data, with the sole exception of payment information in Stripe, which is used exclusively for transactional purposes. Your rights, including the right to data deletion, access, and rectification, are paramount to us, and are fully respected even with this limited data interaction.

Data Breach Plan

Data breaches are the last thing we want, but we’re prepared for the worst. If such an event were to occur, we've got an action plan ready to deploy. Keen on learning more? It'll be public soon. If patience isn’t your virtue, drop a line at [email protected].

For the tech aficionados, we regularly update and inspect our packages and servers every two weeks.

Contact Us

Queries, feedback, or a simple hello — we're here for all of it. Drop us an email at [email protected].

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