A little App to help with Dyslexia

Helperbird is a browser extension that gives people the features and customization to make reading and browsing the web easier. Including specialized fonts, changing of the background color, font colors, text to speech and more!

Specialized fonts

Specialized fonts for dyslexics. Convert the font on websites to use OpenDyslexic, Arial or Comic Sans.

Screenshot of App inside a laptop
Screenshot of iPhone App


Have a website you don't want Helperbird to run on? Well with the blacklist feature you can make sure Helperbird doesn't run on that URL.

Text to Speech

Not sure what a word is or sounds like? Select it and Helperbird will read it out loud.

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Font colors

Change the color of the text/font on the page to suit you!

Background color

Studies have shown some background colors help people with dyslexia focus and improve reading. All suggested color included in Helperbird.

Google Docs Support

Google Docs currently doesn't support some fonts like OpenDyslexic. So we built CSS and support for these fonts.

Screenshot of iPhone App

Get More From Helperbird

Helperbird helps people with dyslexia by giving them the tools and features they need to improve there writing and reading online.


0.00 Monthly
  • Specialized fonts for dyslexics
  • Convert the font on websites to use OpenDyslexic, Arial or Comic Sans.
  • Support
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2.49 Monthly
  • Specialized fonts for dyslexics.
  • Convert the font on websites to use OpenDyslexic, Arial or Comic Sans.
  • Change the font colors.
  • Change the background Color.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Compatible with Chrome Book,
  • Blacklist - Disable from running on individual sites.
  • Premium support.
  • Text to speech.
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This works and it makes everything so much easier to read! Thank you so much and i will keep posted if i do run into any issues!

Jason O'Bel

Works a treat. Couldn't get dyslexie.com to work. This is brill!

Sue Dowdall

This is a great little extension, lightweight and non intrusive. With dyslexia its reading that's an issue, not the underlying intelligence. An aid such as this one, can help deliver the world to some who may not otherwise have received it. Great Work.

Colm Murphy


Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out!.

Why are charging for this?

The reason for the 2.99 per month is to support the cost of development of new and upcoming features. Such as features and the iOs app.

What browsers does Helperbird run on?

Currently only Google Chrome. Coming soon are the Mozilla Firefox and macOS Safari extension.

I have a suggestion!

Excellent I would love to hear about it! Email [email protected] with your suggestion.

What fonts do you support?

Currently only Opendyslexic. More coming soon

I want a refund.

Thats a shame but contact [email protected] and we will be right back to you.

I cant download or install Helperbird on my School/Business account.

You might see that its greyed out when you try to download. Sometimes theres is permission issues with your school or Business. So contact your admin asking them to allow the download of Helperbird in the Google organization settings.

Learn how to install it on your college or business accounts here. You will need to ask your admin. https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/6306504?hl=en

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