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  • Helperbird is your all-in-one extension, built to make browsing the web more accessible and productive to you.
  • Features include dyslexia fonts, Reader mode text to speech, natural voices, dyslexia support, dictation, overlays, Immersive reader, word prediction and more.
  • Tailor the web to your needs.
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Reading, writing & dyslexia support

Dyslexia support included but are users have total control of how they want to change a website. Change colors, fonts, sizes, text to speech, immersive reader, OCR, PDF support and 28 other features. Allowing all users to unlock their full potential.

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Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager

Increase Productivity

From annotate any website you visit, immersive reader, speech to text, Reader Mode, removing ads and 20 other features. Helperbird users make getting work done quicker and easier on the web.

Mix & Match features,
with powerful effects.

With over 28 different features and no one person being the same. Every user can mix and match our features to unlock there full potential and make the web more accessiliby for there own needs.

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Features at a glance

Some of Helperbirds popular features at glance. We have over 39 features. Helperbird is more than just a accessibility tool — it’s a better way to be more productive. Users that switch to Helperbird are more productive and better organized thanks to our accessibility features. They’re far more efficient than before.

Listen to any part of your Webpages and Google Docs

Turn text into lifelike natural speech. Helperbird can read aloud the content of any web pages, ebooks and pdfs with natural sounding voices. With our natural award winning text to speech.

Help users understand,
engage and express themselves

98% of Helperbird users are users for life. From being able to change the web to their own needs, unlocking their full potential, and discovering the power of the web, Helperbird is the best way to get started.

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Over 500,000 use Helperbird every day. Allowing them to be more accessible and productive on the web.

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