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Helperbird is your all in one extension solution for your accessibility and productivity needs.

Providing you with dyslexia support, annotations, natural voices, immersive reader, text to speech, overlays, dyslexia ruler, dictation, reader mode, annotations, word prediction and more.

Rated 5 stars by over 500,000 people.


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Helperbird is the Complete Toolkit for accessibility on the web

Helperbird is your all in one browser extension for making writing and reading on the web — and much more 🦉

Reading, writing & dyslexia support

Features that make reading and writing on the web easier and more accessible. From changing colors to adding overlays, natural voices to immersive reader and OCR you can now customize your experience to your needs.
Every popular fonts are included along with PDF support and 28 other features.
Allowing all users to unlock their full potential.

This extension is amazing and has helped improve my productivity robert has also been a very nice person to deal with when I have issues the live chat feature is amazing and quick for a response it's a really great Chrome extension that helps a lot way worth the money I pay per month and is also just great to support great people making accessibility tools

Jack Salem, Assistive technology specialist

Increase Productivity

From annotate any website you visit, immersive reader, speech to text, Reader Mode, removing ads and 20 other features.
Helperbird users make getting work done quicker and easier on the web.


Helperbird works on your favorite platforms. From every website you visit, to your favorite apps, Helperbird is integrated with all of them.

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Features at glance

Some of Helperbirds popular features at glance. We have over 39 features. Helperbird is more than just a accessibility tool — it’s a better way to be more productive. Users that switch to Helperbird are more productive and better organized thanks to our accessibility features. They’re far more efficient than before.

More features

Reader Mode

Reader Mode removes ads and distractions from any webpage with complete customization.

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Cognitive Load

Using granular colours that underline text, users can find reading more comfortable and fun.

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Annotate web pages

Highlight or annotate web pages documents, pdfs, ebooks and more content to improve engagement and study.

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PDF support

Use immersive reader, text to speech and more on PDF files.

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Dyslexia Fonts

Change the font of the page. Apply OpenDyslexic and 15 plus different fonts to any web page.

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Dyslexia Ruler

Our Dyslexia ruler helps to follow the text on the screen easier and block out distracting content. It can be any colour to improve the accessibility of the text your reading.

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Immersive Reader

Select text, right-click, and Microsoft's Immersive Reader will help you read it. Including Google docs, Pdfs & ebooks.

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Highlight any paragraph or text on a website. Any colour you want. Super handy for studying and revision. Pdf support is coming next month.

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Help users understand,
engage and express themselves

98% of Helperbird users are users for life. From being able to change the web to their own needs, unlocking their full potential, and discovering the power of the web, Helperbird is the best way to get started.

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