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Immersive Reader by Microsoft can improve reading comprehension and increase fluency for English language learners.

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Helperbird proudly brings Immersive Reader by Microsoft to every website, through our award-winning browser extension. Available for Chrome, Edge & Safari.


The benefits of using Microsoft's Immersive Reader include:

Improving reading comprehension

Immersive Reader provides tools such as text-to-speech, syllable and phonetic breakdown, and translations which can help users to better understand and engage with the text.

Enhancing accessibility

The tool provides options for users with visual or reading difficulties, such as larger text, different font styles, and high contrast mode, which can make the text more legible and easier to read.

Improving reading fluency

The tool provides features such as line focus, which can help users to better track the text, and text-to-speech, which can help users to improve their reading fluency.

Enhancing reading engagement

Immersive Reader provides tools such as background themes, which can make the reading experience more visually appealing, and word-by-word highlighting, which can help users to better engage with the text.

Supporting multiple languages

The tool provides translations, text-to-speech, and phonetic breakdown for multiple languages, making it easier for users to understand and engage with text in different languages.

Enhancing productivity

By providing tools to improve reading comprehension, fluency and engagement, immersive reader can help users to save time and increase productivity when reading and understanding text.


  • Text-to-speech
  • Syllable and phonetic breakdown
  • Translations
  • Larger text
  • Different font styles
  • High contrast mode
  • Line focus
  • Background themes
  • Word-by-word highlighting
  • Pronunciation
  • Picture dictionary
  • Translations

Is this a Free Helperbird feature?

Yes but their is limited functionality. To unlock all features, you can upgrade to a paid plan.


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