Helperbird owl logo The Helperbird logo, depicting a stylized owl with large, round yellow eyes and a beige face. The owl has brown accents for its feathers and horns, and a distinct pattern on its forehead resembling a crown. Set against a green background with a subtle striped pattern.
Redeem a Helperbird Pro voucher

Welcome to Helperbird! Redeeming your voucher is quick and easy. Just follow these steps to activate your Helperbird Pro features.

Steps to Redeem Your Pro voucher

Enter Code

Copy your unique voucher code, which you should have received via email or from one of our partners.

Access Signup

Click on this link to go to our special signup page designed just for voucher redemption.

Apply Code

On the signup page, look for the Add promotion code field. Paste your voucher code here.

Price Update

After the code is entered, you'll notice the price will update to $0.00, meaning the voucher is applied.


Provide your email address in the space given and hit the Start Trial button to complete the process.


Check your email. You should receive a message confirming that your account is now enjoying Helperbird Pro benefits.

All Set!

You're all set to explore the full capabilities of Helperbird Pro. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help.

Enjoy your enhanced browsing experience with Helperbird Pro!