Dyslexia Ruler

Our Dyslexia ruler helps to follow the text on the screen easier and block out distracting content.
It can be any colour to improve the accessibility of the text your reading. This tool can assist
dyslexic readers and others in keeping their place on the page being read.

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Helperbirds Dyslexia ruler is a colored transparent ruler that is placed across a web page while
users are trying to read.

Not only does the Helperbirds dyslexia ruler work to reduce the symptoms of Visual Stress, it also
highlights and underlines text, making it easier for the dyslexic reader to keep their place on the
page they are reading.


Choose from over 20 default colors or any custom color you want. Adjust the height of the ruler to
your reading line. Adjust the position of the ruler to your reading line. Follow your cursor.

How it helps?

Helps dyslexics and dyspraxics to keep focus while reading a web page.

Helps people who have focus difficulties.

Helps people with visual impairment conditions.