Learn more about the history of Helperbird and our core values.


We think the Internet is a much better place when everyone can use it.

Helperbird wants to bring the benefits of accessbility and customization to everyone with our incredibly simple apps.

Our mission to give everyone the tools they need to unlock their full potential.


We’re passionate about what we do

We care about what we do, unlike other products. We built Helperbird to ensure it doesn't fall below our high standards and that's a promise.

We put our customers first

Helperbird will never sell, store, or consume any user data. We do not store data or any other user-related content. We care about our customers and users first.

Everyone is equal

Add fonts, add colors, add overlays, underlines, strokes, text to speech, speech to text, and way more. Whatever you need to help you on the web.