Hey, I'm Robert James 👋

I'm the founder of Helperbird

Photo of Helperbird founder, Robert James Gabriel

About Helperbird

A known fact about me, I have dyslexia. I struggled a lot during my time in pre to high school. I would struggle to do my homework. I even had a teacher tell my parents I should drop out of school.

I built Helperbird to help me study and work while on the web because I wanted to give the tools to everyone who might need it. So, they don't struggle

Helperbird allows me to change the web to my needs. From changing the font, natural-sounding speech, convert images to text, dyslexia rulers, and much more. It lets me read quicker and be more productive.‍

My goal for Helperbird is to ensure that reading is never a barrier to learning. If you want to learn, dyslexia, concussion symptoms, ADD, low vision, or anything in between should not stop you from being able to intake information quickly and effectively. Growing up with less than a perfect education system should not stop you from being able to learn.

Today most of our users are productivity lovers, even those without learning differences, who want to be able to read faster and be more productive.

We built Helperbird to use for everyone and for everyone.

For the professional, for the college student, for the dyslexic student sitting in the back of the class, just trying to keep up.

In the past five years, we have added, improved, tweaked features based on feedback from our 200,000 users in 150 countries.

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