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Simplify your web browsing with Helperbird's Alt & title description feature. Providing additional information about the content.

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Alt tags, provide a brief description of the content of an image or a link. When users hover over an image or link, the alt tag appears as a tooltip, providing additional information about the content.

This can be particularly useful for users who are visually impaired and use screen readers to navigate websites.

These users rely on alt tags to understand the content of images and links, since they cannot see the images themselves.

Additionally, alt tags can improve the accessibility and usability of a website for all users by providing more context and information about the content they are interacting with.


Being able to see image titles and link alt tags can also improve the user experience in several ways:

Image titles

Image titles can provide additional information about an image, such as its source, copyright information, or a caption.

Link alt tags

Link alt tags can provide more context about the link's destination, making it easier for users to decide whether to click on it.

Cognitive or Visual impairments

Being able to see image titles and link alt tags on hover can help users with cognitive or visual impairments to better understand and navigate the website.

Image titles and link alt tags can also give users a better sense of what to expect when they click on a link or image, which can improve the overall usability of a website.


  • Show alt tags on images on mouse over.
  • Show title tags on links on mouse over.

Is this a Free Helperbird feature?

It is! This feature is available to all Helperbird users, regardless of whether they have a paid subscription or not.


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