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Color blindness support

Fortunately, on computers we have full control over the presentation of colors, which means there are various ways of addressing the issue, thanks to Helperbird.

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Underline links and add strokes around the text to help with color blindness.

The most common types of color blindness are Protanopia and Deuteranopia, which affects over 7% of the male population.

These types of color blindness can result in links being barely indistinguishable from regular text. Helperbird helps with color blindness by underling and stroking links.

How to


Links should be easy to spot without relying on color. With Helperbird, underlines to every line on the page using a four different colors. Making it stand out for most color blind types.

Along with Helperbirds theme and style features. We offer a stroke feature that adds a stroke effect around the text to help with color blindness.

How it helps

Dyslexics find websites text easier to read with dyslexia friendly colors.

Users can choose to customize their web page colors for personal preference.