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Enhance Your Visual Comfort with Customizable Overlays & Tints from Helperbird

Fine-tune the visual elements of any website to suit your needs with Helperbird's Customizable Overlays & Tints feature. Dial down glare, ease eye strain, and combat fatigue by adjusting brightness, contrast, and color to create a personalized browsing environment.


Easily customize the appearance of any website with Helperbird's overlay/tint feature.

Adjust brightness, contrast and color to improve readability and reduce eye strain.

Perfect for those with visual impairments or for night time reading. Try it now with our easy-to-use browser extension.


The benefits of an overlay/tint on a website are:

Reducing glare and bright light

Improving the readability of text by reducing glare and bright light on the screen.

Help with light sensitivity or color blindness

Helping users with visual impairments, such as those with light sensitivity or color blindness.

Decreasing eye strain

Decreasing eye strain and fatigue while reading

Customize the appearance

It allows users to customize the appearance of a website to their preference.

Improve focus and concentration

It allows for better focus and concentration on the text.

Dark mode

It can also be used to darken a website for night time reading

Change the color scheme

It can be used to change the color scheme of a website to match personal preference.


  • Apply a overlay to any website you visit.
  • Pick from 24 default colors or a custom color.
  • Choose the opacity of the overlay or tint.
  • Available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, iPad & iPhone.

Is this a Pro feature?

It is a Pro feature. You can get a free trial of Helperbird Pro by clicking the button below.

Tell me abit more about this feature

Helperbirds' Overlay feature is a filter which puts a tint on your browser viewport to make text more readable. Color and opacity are fully configurable.

This Helperbird feature is used by people suffering from visual distortions reading the content on the normal background (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome).

The colored overlay can improve the reading abilities of such users by reducing or eliminate perceptual processing errors.

Bright web pages are a known issue on the web which affects peoples ability to read and focus.

Users with Irlen syndrome or people who dont like bright white web pages can change the overlay color of a web page with the Helperbird’s overlay feature.

Product screenshot of Helperbird

Annotations & Sticky Notes

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Line, Letter, and Word Spacing

Effortlessly fine-tune the spacing of lines, letters, and words on any website or PDF. Enhance readability and tailor your online reading experience with Helperbird.

Show Alt & Image Descriptions

Streamline your web browsing by showing image and link descriptions on mouse over with Helperbird on any website or PDF. Gain quick insights into content by hovering over images and links.

5 out of 5 stars

“After using Helperbird I can't say enough positive things about it. This extension has truly transformed my online reading experience. Whether it's adjusting font sizes, reducing eye strain with the gray filter, or using the dyslexia-friendly fonts, Helperbird offers a range of features that cater to individual preferences and needs. The customizable color options and text alignment have also been incredibly helpful for personalizing my browsing. And the speed reading feature? It's a game-changer! Overall, Helperbird is a versatile, user-friendly tool that enhances accessibility and makes online reading a breeze. Highly recommended!”

Charlie Nishelle Calkins
Charlie Nishelle Calkins
Helperbird Pro user