Helperbird feature View clutter-free web pages with productivity tools, using Helperbirds' Reading Mode.

Simplify the layout of a webpage and removes distractions such as ads and multimedia elements. Which providing a clutter-free reading experience with accessibility and productivity tools.

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Helperbird's Reader View is an innovative feature that transforms any webpage into a personalized reading experience, simplifies the layout of a webpage and removes distractions such as ads.

With the ability to remove ads and distractions, users can customize font size, background color and contrast, line spacing, and margins to suit their individual reading needs.

The feature also includes text-to-speech, annotation tools, dyslexia support, and the ability to save, share and export the page.

It is perfect for research, studying, and reading online articles without getting distracted.

With Helperbird's Reader View, you can easily control the layout of the content and focus on the information that matters to you.

It aims to provide a clutter-free reading experience and enhance the productivity and accessibility of the users.


The benefits of Helperbird's Reading Mode are:

Simlifies web pages

It simplifies web pages by removing ads and distractions, making them easier to read.

Customize the layout

It provides dyslexia support through customization options such as font and background color.

Improve reading comprehension

It can improve reading comprehension and focus by decluttering web pages.

Improve accessibility

It can improve accessibility for users with reading difficulties or dyslexia.

Improve productivity

It can help users to more efficiently conduct research by making it easier to find and read relevant information.

Makes reading more pleasant

It can make reading on the web more pleasant and less overwhelming.

Includes text-to-speech and dyslexia support

It can also include text-to-speech feature which can help users who have difficulty reading to understand the content.
It can be used on multiple platforms including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and iOS browsers.


  • Simplifying the layout of the webpage to remove ads and other distractions
  • Adjustable font size and type
  • Adjustable background color and contrast
  • Adjustable line spacing and margins
  • Adjustable text-to-speech feature with different voices and speeds
  • Highlighting and annotation tools
  • Support for dyslexia and other reading difficulties,
  • Saving and sharing options
  • Print and export options
  • Option to hide images, videos and other multimedia elements
  • Option to add a dictionary to look up words
  • Option to adjust the width of paragraphs.
  • Text-to-speech feature with different voices and speeds
  • Highlighting and annotation tools
  • Immersive Reader by Micrsoft

Is this a free feature?

Helperbird's Reading Mode features strips away clutter like buttons, ads, background images, and videos while also letting you customize the layout and theme to fit your reading preferences.

How does it help?

Giving you just the content you want and need.
No ads, no flashing images.
The content without any ads and distraction free.


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