Dyslexia Ruler

Dyslexia Ruler helps you to read long texts on web pages. This tool can assist dyslexic readers and others in keeping their place on the page being read.

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About this feature

Helperbirds' Dyslexia ruler is a colored transparent ruler that is placed across a web page while users are trying to read.

Not only does the Helperbirds dyslexia ruler work to reduce the symptoms of Visual Stress, it also highlights and underlines text, making it easier for the dyslexic reader to keep their place on the page they are reading.


Choose from over 20 default colors or any custom color you want.

Adjust the height of the ruler to your reading line.

Adjust the position of the ruler to your reading line.

Follow your cursor option.

How it helps?

Helps dyslexics and dyspraxics to keep focus while reading a web page.

Helps people who have focus difficulties.

Helps people with visual impairment conditions.

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Pro feature

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Common questions

Helperbird is a browser extension that gives everybody the features and customization to make browsing and reading on the web easy. Including specialized fonts (OpenDyslexic), background colors, font colors, dyslexia ruler, text to speech, and more for Google Chrome!

Yes. When you pay for a year up front, you’ll get two months free. We also offer discounts for non-profits.

We use the email your logged into Google Chrome or your browser with. If you need to update your email. Just contact us.

Yes, we are doing the honor system here. We will follow up to ask for confirmation you are a student.

There's no minimum contract for Helperbird — cancel at any time without penalty or hassle. If you prepaid for a year, we’ll refund any unused months. To cancel, open up the app and go to the subscription option and click cancel and that it.

The reason for the $4.99 per month is to support the cost of development of new and upcoming features. We also do a yearly subscription for $50.00. As this is a one person team.

Currently Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox and Edge for Windows 10. Coming soon on macOS Safari extension.

Excellent I would love to hear about it! Email [email protected] with your suggestion.

Yes!, Google Docs currently doesn't support some fonts like OpenDyslexic. So we built CSS and support for these fonts.

We'd be happy to answer them