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Specialised Dyslexic Fonts

Change the font to any specialized web fonts for dyslexics and others. Convert the font on websites to use OpenDyslexic, Lexend and more.

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Changing the font to your favourite on any website with Helperbird is easy. Pick your favourite font and never worry about changing it again. From OpenDyslexic, Arial, Comic Sans, and more. Our intuitive design means it's quick and easy to change between our 14 plus fonts.

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What fonts can I use?

  • Arial
  • Cosmic Sans
  • OpenDyslexic
  • Tahoma
  • Verdana
  • Gothic
  • Lexend
  • Trebuchet
  • Bookman
  • Courier
  • Georgia
  • Gothic
  • Helvetica
  • Impact
  • Times
  • Lexend