Listen to any part of a Webpages and Google Docs

Sit back, press play, and have your news, emails, or news read aloud to you.

Tell me more about this feature

Not sure how to pronounce a word? Highlight the word, and Helperbird will pronounce it out loud with the customizable text to speech options.

Having a section of text like a paragraph spoken out to you in different dialects makes web pages
more accessible.


Advanced text to speech reader with a human-like voice.
Ultimate language and voice choice.
Supports web pages, documents and pdfs. Listen to your content from any device.
Over 40 different natual human voices.
Adjust pitch.
Adjust volume.
Adjust speed.

How it helps?

Many people have issues reading in a second language. Helperbird’s text to speech technology allows
people to understand the information in a way that makes content easier to retain.

For visually impaired, blind, and people with attention difficulties, text to speech has proved to
be a beneficial tool.

Provides a method for people to get information access without having to scroll for long.

Having a piece of information spoken out to you in different dialects makes web pages more
accessible and improves users ability to multitask efficiently.

Text to speech voices

🇮🇪 Moira
🇺🇸 Alex
🇮🇹 Alice
🇸🇪 Alva
🇨🇦 Amelie
🇩🇪 Anna
🇮🇱 Carmit
🇮🇩 Damayanti
🇬🇧 Daniel
🇦🇷 Diego
🇧🇪 Ellen
🇺🇸 Fiona
🇺🇸 Fred
🇷🇴 Ioana
🇵🇹 Joana
🇪🇸 Jorge
🇲🇽 Juan
🇹🇭 Kanya
🇦🇺 Karen
🇯🇵 Kyoko
🇸🇰 Laura
🇮🇳 Lekha
🇮🇹 Luca
🇧🇷 Luciana
🇸🇦 Maged
🇭🇺 Mariska
🇹🇼 Mei-Jia
🇬🇷 Melina
🇷🇺 Milena
🇪🇸 Monica
🇳🇴 Nora
🇲🇽 Paulina
🇮🇳 Rishi
🇺🇸 Samantha
🇩🇰 Sara
🇫🇮 Satu
🇭🇰 Sin-ji
🇿🇦 Tessa
🇫🇷 Thomas
🇨🇳 Ting-Ting
🇮🇳 Veena
🇺🇸 Victoria
🇳🇱 Xander
🇹🇷 Yelda
🇰🇷 Yuna
🇷🇺 Yuri
🇵🇱 Zosia
🇨🇿 Zuzana
🇩🇪 Google Deutsch
🇺🇸 Google US English
🇬🇧 Google UK English Female
🇬🇧 Google UK English Male
🇪🇸 Google español
🇺🇸 Google español de Estados Unidos
🇫🇷 Google français
🇮🇳 Google हिन्दी
🇮🇩 Google Bahasa Indonesia
🇮🇹 Google italiano
🇯🇵 Google 日本語
🇰🇷 Google 한국의
🇳🇱 Google Nederlands
🇵🇱 Google polski
🇧🇷 Google português do Brasil
🇷🇺 Google русский
🇨🇳 Google普通话(中国大陆)
🇭🇰 Google粤語(香港)
🇹🇼 Google 國語(臺灣

More features


Highlight or annotate web pages, documents, pdfs, ebooks and more to improve research and study.

Letters & Words spacing

Adjust letter and word spacing, font size and line-height according to your needs.

Image & Alt descriptions

Show Alt & Image descriptions on mouse over.

Analyze text

Find the amount of letters, characters and words in seconds.

Auto scroll

Auto-scroll on any website and save it in three different modes; slow, medium and fast.

Reading list

Helperbirds reading list helps you with Organization, Syncing websites to read later.

Color blindness

Color blindness features including emphasize Links and adding stroke to text. More coming

Cursor options

Choose between different cursor sizes; extra large, large, normal and small.

English Dictionary

Dictionary app by Helperbird allows you to easily lookup the meaning of any English word.

Document editor

Create, edit and delete documents in a full editor. Export and import to Google docs, Markdown and more.

Font sizes

Change the font sizes of any website or document.


Helperbird gives free translation support to any website, PDF or app.

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