How Helperbird Transformed a Student's Academic Experience

Robert James Gabriel
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Robert James Gabriel

Protecting Our Users, Respecting Their Stories

As we share the inspiring stories of our users, we prioritize their privacy and well-being. In line with this commitment, we've made the decision to change the name of the user in the following use case to protect their identity. While the essence of the story remains true, we believe in safeguarding the personal details of those who share their experiences with us.

Jamie's Journey to Graduation with Helperbird

The Challenge:

Jamie, a bright and dedicated student, was in the final year of high school. Their persistent challenge had always been dyslexia, which often hindered reading and comprehension abilities. The pressure of graduation and an increasing amount of reading material made Jamie anxious about keeping up with the coursework.

Discovering Helperbird:

A friend introduced Jamie to Helperbird, a Chrome extension designed to assist users with unique learning needs. Intrigued, Jamie explored its features.

Dyslexia Ruler to the Rescue:

The dyslexia ruler was transformative for Jamie. Acting as a guiding line, it made reading online material less daunting, minimizing distractions and reducing instances where Jamie would lose their place.

Embracing the Lexend Font:

The Lexend font, designed to improve readability for individuals with dyslexia, gave Jamie renewed confidence in reading. The optimal spacing and unique design of each letter made comprehension and retention easier.

The Result:

With Helperbird's support, Jamie effectively kept up with studies. They actively participated in online discussions, understanding content at a deeper level. By the school year's end, Jamie graduated with honors, crediting Helperbird, especially the dyslexia ruler and Lexend font, for their success.

Our Promise:

While names may change, our mission remains the same. We're dedicated to supporting every user's unique journey and sharing their success stories, always with the utmost respect for their privacy.

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