Making PDFs Easier with Helperbird's PDF Reader

Robert James Gabriel
5 min

Keeping Our Users Safe While Sharing Their Stories

We change the names in our stories to keep our users safe. Even though the names are different, the stories are real. We respect the privacy of everyone who shares their story with us.

Rory’s Easier Days with Helperbird’s PDF Reader

The Problem:

Rory had a lot of PDF documents to work with every day. He found it hard to manage all of them with the old PDF reader he was using.

Finding Helperbird’s PDF Reader:

A friend told Rory about Helperbird's PDF Reader. Rory was excited to try it and see if it could make his work with PDFs easier.

Listening to Text with Text to Speech:

With Text to Speech, Rory could listen to the text in the PDFs. This was helpful when he was tired of reading.

Quick Summaries with Summarize:

The Summarize feature gave Rory short summaries of long documents. This saved him a lot of time.

Better Reading with Overlays and Dyslexia Rulers:

The Overlays and Dyslexia Rulers made reading easier for rory. They helped him focus on the text better.

Noting Down Thoughts with Sticky Notes:

Rory could quickly write down his thoughts on the PDFs with Sticky Notes. This made reviewing documents quicker.

Translation and OCR Support: More Accessible Documents:

Translation helped Rory understand documents in other languages. OCR Support helped him with scanned documents, making them easy to search and edit.

Focused Reading with Immersive Reader:

Immersive Reader gave Rory a quiet and focused reading space, making reading PDFs more enjoyable.

The Outcome:

With Helperbird's PDF Reader, Rory found it much easier to handle his PDF documents. He saved time, and his work became less stressful and more enjoyable.

Our Promise:

Even though we change the names, our goal is the same. We want to help our users and share their success, while keeping their privacy safe.

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