Productivity Tips to Help You Stay Focused at Work

Andrew Chu
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Focus is integral in ensuring that we get things done. But every now and then, there is something that is sure to take away your attention.

There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, we encourage you to take breaks from time to time.

However, getting distracted for hours can hinder your productivity. That's why you should do something to keep your focus. Otherwise, it will take you a while to finish your work.

Keep on reading to know how you can stay focused and productive at work:

Keep Yourself Hydrated

They say that it's rude to eat in front of the computer. And we do not encourage it, either.

However, always have a cup of water within reach.

In case you do not know, our body is made of 73% water. Hence, it needs to be hydrated to function properly.

When our brain functions properly, it can impact our cognitive performance. And focusing on your work and getting things done requires brainpower — even if your job involves physical labor.

In addition, proper hydration allows us to sustain our energy, have clarity, and stay alert throughout the day.

Photo of a dyslexic user

Ensure Your Comfort

Just because you are sitting in front of the computer for hours does not mean your life is easy.

Discomfort can distract you.

That said, we suggest that you buy the best and most comfortable work desk and office chair that you can afford. You should also consider the ergonomics and the space you have.

This means that your office table should be well structured while your chair must have support.

Doing so can help you work for hours without having sore shoulders, strained eyes, and backache.

Hence, you can be extra productive while working.

Organize Your Work Station

Aside from having a well-structured office table and chair, you also need to ensure a clutter-free workspace.

At Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning Services, we always tell our clients that cleaning your workstation is a cost-effective way to boost productivity. More so if you want to reduce distractions and maximize your productivity but do not have the budget to remodel your workstation.

Begin by getting rid of all the non-work-related stuff. Next is to designate zones where you do computer-related work, document organization, and all. Doing so also prevents you from multitasking, which often gets your brain toasted.

Have a Distraction-free Desktop

The secret to staying focused at work is to get rid of as many distractions as possible. So, aside from cleaning your office table, you might want to consider having a distraction-free computer.

Some apps prevent you from opening other websites that have nothing to do with your work. There are also apps like Helperbird, which lets you view clutter-free websites (i.e., ad-free blog posts).

But if you cannot be bothered with that, ensure you do not save any files on your desktop. Please place them in a designated or relevant folder.

Aside from having a well-structured office table and chair, you also need to ensure a clutter-free workspace.

Set Your Phone on DND Mode

In case you are unaware, phone notifications have caused Pavlovian conditioning to many smartphone users. Whenever we hear a "ding!" sound, we unconsciously reach out to our phones to check who texted us.

The next thing we know, we are aimlessly scrolling through our Facebook feed.

Other than your PC or laptop, you should also make use of your phone's Do Not Disturb (DND) mode.

Doing so prevents you from receiving calls unless the number is on your whitelist.

Another thing you can do is put your phone on silent and place it somewhere else. That way, you are not hearing or seeing any notifications.

Prioritize Your Tasks

So, you have your water beside you. You have a clean and comfortable workspace and a distraction-free website. Now what?

It is time to do your tasks.

You can choose to have your to-do list on paper, while some prefer to use a task management app.

Regardless, you cannot get things done unless you know what tasks to do first.

Hence, it would be best to prioritize your tasks. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Which of your tasks require less effort but have a high impact?

  • Which of your tasks, that once done, can help you finish other tasks?

These are the tasks that you should prioritize. Otherwise, you can do them later, delegate them, or consider scratching them off your to-do list. Most likely, you don't need to do such tasks.

Organize Your Email

Similar to prioritizing tasks, you should also organize your email.

And we are not just talking about making your inbox clean. It also has something to do with checking and responding to emails.

Instead of checking your email from time to time, we suggest that you dedicate an hour or two to checking and replying to emails. As for how you should deal with your email, you can follow the Inbox Zero method .

Let People Know and Respect Your Boundaries

Whether in an office or a work-from-home setup, setting boundaries are essential.

This could mean letting people know whether you can prioritize other work or not. After all, you have a deadline to meet.

Another example is if you are working from home. Let your family know that they cannot disturb you during particular hours unless the house is on fire. That way, you can get more things done.

Lastly, establish your rest days. If you are an office employee, your rest days are often Saturday and Sunday. Use these days to unwind and not think of work. Otherwise, you will experience burnout and dread coming to the office.


Here's the thing: You are surrounded by people and events that can hinder your productivity. What more if you have a learning disorder like Dyslexia?

Staying focused at work while creating your career with Dyslexia can be challenging. But what's important is that you know how to get your mojo back. If not, you can always refer to the tips listed above.

If you want to boost your productivity, all you need to do is eliminate the distractions and find your focus.

Exclusively written for by Raymond Chiu

Meet Raymond Chiu

Raymond Chiu is the Director of Operations for Maid Sailors, a trusted provider of office cleaning service NYC.

Maid Sailors offers its customers unrivalled office cleaning services that can address even the toughest cleaning needs. Matched with affordable prices, Maid Sailors is your best partner in helping you turn your office into a work-friendly workplace.

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