How a Teacher Helped Me Achieve My Full Potential

Robert James
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Robert James

For anyone who stumbled across this blog post, my name is Robert James. I'm the founder of Helperbird. I also have dyslexia. It was one of the reasons I started Helperbird in 2015.

To help others, so they can achieve their full potential in the classroom and not struggle as I did.

As its teacher's appreciation and at the age of 27. It made me think about how one teacher changed my life and how I'm super appreciative of looking back at everything she did for me. As I know, I wouldn't be here without her and my parents.

I speak a lot on how I was undiagnosed with dyslexia until the age of 15 where a teacher told my parents I should drop out of school as I would struggle and not achieve anything.

After my mother became "Mother bear" as I like to describe, she pressed the school to get me tested and with thanks to Ms. Meade (I'm going to keep it the last name only in case she doesn't want her name posted). She helped my parents fill out the forms to get me tested and make a case to the local government on why I needed help and what support system I needed to take my end of Highschool exams.

After I got tested and started getting the support I needed thanks to my parents and Ms. Meade. My schoolwork greatly improved, I even took higher level or AP English and better yet won the school 8,000 euro in Science competition. The teacher who told my parents I should drop out, later apologized to me for it instead of looking into it more.

Thanks to Ms.Meade. I was able to take my exams in a private room, with a reader and on a computer.

She also took me for 3 to 4 years would take me for exams in English classes. As I write this I can't thank her enough. Not only being there and helping me through high school but also caring about how I did.

I don't know how my life would have turned out if she hadn't been a teacher and helped me. Would I have gone to college? Would I have started Helperbird? Would I have to travel? I don't like to think where I would have been if it wasn't for Teachers like Ms. Meade.

That's why as Helperbird grows, Teachers inspire us to become better and I look at them on how we can improve Helperbird.

From Myself and everyone at Helperbird, thank you for going far beyond every day and changing the lives of their students even when they might not really appreciate it until they look back at it later in life.

Thank you Ms. Meade and thank you to every teacher across the world on this special week.

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