Thanksgiving day message from Helperbird

On the day before Thanksgiving

On the day before Thanksgiving, Helperbird wants to give thanks for what we're most grateful for
this year. Give Thanks for our Uniqueness!

Have a good day

Give Thanks for Teachers!

No two humans are alike! Our differences make us who we are and we think that's awesome!! This is
why we want the internet to be an accessible place for each unique individual so no matter your
needs or preferences, you can keep being you online! 'Give Thanks for Teachers!

Give Thanks for Community!

This year teachers have had to adapt and overcome numerous global challenges and we are so thankful
for your hard work and dedication. We have teachers writing to us every day looking for solutions
for their students and your passion does not go unnoticed! So we're giving a big thanks to all our
teachers out there! Give Thanks for Community!


With so many of us transitioning our work, school, and social lives online, we're so thankful for
this terrific Helperbird community that's striving to make the web friendlier and more accessible
for all.

We hope that our app this year has, in some small way, made it easier for you to connect and
contribute to your online communities in meaningful ways.