Top 5 Productivity Microsoft Edge Extensions

June Coffeecups
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June Coffeecups

If you're like a lot of people, you're probably thinking about ways you can become more productive in 2022. There's no better place to start than by making sure your computer is set up for productivity, in absolutely every way possible.

Microsoft Edge is a great web browser, but it's even better when you add extensions to personalize the experience. You can customize your Edge homepage and new tab page and add features that help you be more productive or have a little fun.

To help get you there, we've put together a list of our favorite productivity extensions for Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Editor

The built-in productivity extension for the Microsoft Edge browser. It works basically just like Grammarly (you know, that popular writing app assistant), but it's even more comprehensive in its suggestions. Not only does it provide advanced writing assistance with grammar and spelling, but it also gives you style suggestions so you can confidently write clear concise posts and emails.


If you're trying to focus on one specific task and don't want to waste time clicking through all of these tabs to find the one you need, consider installing Momentum. It takes over the new tab page in Microsoft Edge to give you a moment of calm and inspiration. It features a daily photo and quote to get you through your day and help you prioritize your tasks. You can also set your own daily focus and track your to-dos so you can stay organized and keep yourself on task.

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

Another great option for staying organized is Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder. This extension lets you take screenshots or record videos of whatever is on your screen so you can easily share them with other people. It's especially useful for cases like reporting technical issues, making product demos or how-to tutorials, or just sharing funny things you see online with people who might not otherwise have access to it.


Ghostery is a super-powerful privacy extension that blocks ads, stops trackers, and speeds up websites. This powerful extension helps you increase page performance and page speeds without having to do any real work—just install it and get back to surfing the web!


Helperbird offers a range of powerful tools to customize your web browsing experience. It's easy to improve accessibility, reading, writing, studying, and productivity. It can help you block distracting content, translate text into multiple languages, and even read text aloud using natural voices. Whether you're on an English-language site or an international one, Helperbird has your back!

Productivity extensions can be valuable tools when it comes to streamlining your workflow and getting more things done with the computer you spend so much time on.

Microsoft is working hard to make Microsoft Edge more powerful and robust than ever, and these extensions will only help with their mission. They provide access to a lot of useful functions that were previously only available in other browsers, and some of the additional features can make your day-to-day experience a good bit easier. Download one or two, and see for yourself!

Having a productive day just got slightly easier. We hope these five extensions are a great addition to your arsenal of productivity tools, and we look forward to seeing what new ones become available for the Edge browser in the future.


  1. Microsoft Editor (aka free Grammarly)

  2. Momentum

  3. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

  4. Ghostery–-privacy-ad-blo/fclbdkbhjlgkbpfldjodgjncejkkjcme

  5. Helperbird

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