Top 6 Chrome Extensions for Teachers

June Coffeecups
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What do you need to be a successful teacher? Knowledge and experience? Of course. A good memory? Sure is impressive! Nice handwriting? Not necessarily but nice to have. However, as more teachers are doing most of their work online, the ability to stay up to date with the latest teaching technologies is critical, especially in today's world with so many things competing for your attention.

Whether you're a seasoned teacher or a newbie, there are several tools that make your job of teaching easier. Just take our word, when we say chrome extensions are a live saver! These tools can help create and deliver class content, make lesson planning easier, and teach students at home through an online classroom.

without further ado, below, we are sharing with you six different Chrome extensions that can help any teacher be more efficient and even save them some time in the long run.

Google Classroom

This is a great way to keep track of your student's assignments and grades. It provides an easy way to communicate with parents about their child's progress at school. It is also cloud-based, meaning tasks aren’t lost and all you have to have is an internet connection to open or access the documents. And to keep things convenient, it has a mobile app you can download to stay updated with notifications.


This extension allows you to annotate PDFs with ease using the stylus on your Chromebook or tablet device (such as a Wacom). You can also edit text directly within documents without having access to Microsoft Word on your computer!


This extension lets you create voice memos that can then be sent via email or shared on social media sites like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn etc. It's great if you want someone else to hear what you're saying without having them physically present in front of you!


EquateIO is an easy-to-use Chrome extension that allows you to input math expressions into Google Docs by typing and writing, or by using voice dictation. It also allows you to create quizzes right in the same document, and input student responses in real-time. You can even dictate chemical formulas that are automatically converted into proper chemical notation.

If you're a student in a STEM program, this extension will help you learn math fast.

Custom Cursor

Teachers can use this extension to add some personality and fun to the classroom or work environment. The extension has a collection of over 100 different cursors that are distributed by category and by style. Some categories include Minecraft, Lightsaber, Pizza, Animals, Food, and many more! If you're having trouble finding what you're looking for, they have also divided these into bright cursor collections. There are general collections like Starters, Holidays, Color, Life Style, Sport, and Food. And there are also more specific collections like Job, Space, and Transportation. To make things even better, this extension is customizable so you can change the color of your cursor as well!


Whether you're a student or teacher, it can be tough to adjust to online learning. Plus, for students who have difficulty reading, the struggle can be even more magnified.

That's where Helperbird comes in. With a delightfully intuitive and easy-to-use design, Helperbird is your all-in-one extension that provides personalized support to make web pages, PDFs, and even documents more accessible and productive to an individual's needs.

It includes a range of tools you can use to customize the internet content you view to fit your requirements for accessibility, reading, writing, studying, and productivity.

It seems that practically everyone uses the Chrome Browser. From students and teachers to business people and professionals, its simplicity and versatility have helped it overtake competitors and emerge as the web browser of choice.

We also believe that digital content tools like chrome will only become more common and widespread in the years to come. There are many new developments and innovations in this field, and it will be exciting to see how it all unfolds in the future. Here we have presented what we believe to be the 6 best Chrome extensions for educators going forward. Hopefully, you will find one that offers an edge over your existing workflow or will help introduce or add a useful new feature.


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