Top Productivity Extensions for Safari

As a business owner, you already know that the key to success is efficiency. You need to be able to
get the job done quickly and accurately, in order to maximize your time and resources. So it makes
sense that you'd want extensions in your web browser that can help you accomplish this goal.

Here are our top three Safari extensions for boosting productivity:


This extension lets you save emails as drafts, view unread messages, and reply to messages with a
single click. It also has an optional feature that tracks your email habits, so you can see what
times of day or days of the week are best for sending emails.


If you're a freelancer or work from home, Punchtime is what you need! It keeps track of how much
time it takes for you to complete tasks and projects so that you can bill clients accurately—or just
keep track of how much time you spend on things so that next time around it'll be easier. If you're
not sure where all your time goes, this one will help keep track of it all so that no matter how
busy things get, at least there won't be any surprises when it comes time for payment!

BlueCanoe Dictionary Extension

This extension adds an online dictionary to your Safari browser so that you can look up definitions
on the fly without having to leave the page. It's perfect if you're doing research or writing an
essay because it keeps your research materials close at hand so that you don't have to leave what
you're working on for any reason.


Helperbird is an accessibility tool for people with learning disabilities or visual impairments. The
extension lets you add text descriptions and audio descriptions of images, videos, and websites so
that people with visual impairments can still use them in their browsers and get the most out of
their internet experience.


Top Productivity Extensions for Safari

  1. Harakirimail

  2. Punchtime

  3. BlueCanoe Dictionary Extension

  4. Helperbird