How to use the Highlighter feature in Helperbird

Using the Highlighter Feature in Helperbird

The Highlighter feature in Helperbird enables users to highlight text on web pages, providing a digital experience akin to using a highlighter on paper. To activate and use this feature, follow the steps below:

Activating the Highlight Menu

Step 1: Click on the Helperbird icon in your browser to open the extension.

Step 2: Find the Highlight menu in the Quick Actions area. If it's not there, use the search feature to locate it.

Step 3: Make sure the first icon in the Quick Actions area, which represents the Highlight menu, is turned on.

Turning On the Highlighter

Step 1: Use the search function within the Helperbird menu to find the 'Highlighter' option.

Step 2: Toggle the Highlighter feature to the 'On' position by clicking on the switch.

Choosing a Highlight Color

Step 1: With the Highlighter turned on, select a color from the color palette in the Helperbird menu.

Highlighting Text on the Page

Step 1: Use your cursor to select the text you wish to highlight on the web page.

Step 2: Click the highlight button that appears near the selected text to apply the color you've chosen.

Your selected text will now be highlighted, enhancing your ability to track key information and navigate through content effectively.

Viewing and Managing Highlighted Text in Helperbird

To view and manage your highlighted text within Helperbird, follow these steps:

Accessing Highlighted text

Step 1: Click on the Helperbird icon in your browser to open the extension.

Step 2: In the Helperbird menu, click on the 'Open Notes' button in the Quick Actions area.

Managing Your Highlights

Step 1: A display of your highlighted texts on note cards will appear.

Step 2: To visit the source page of a specific highlight, click on the respective note card.

Step 3: If you wish to delete a highlight, simply click on the X icon on the top right corner of the note card.

These steps will allow you to easily navigate through your highlights and keep them organized.

Video Tutorial

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