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How to use Word Prediction on Google Docs or any website

How to use Word Prediction on Google Docs or any website

Step 1: Open a webpage that you would like to use the sticky note feature on.

Step 2: Click on the Helperbird icon in the browser's toolbar to open the extension's menu.

Step 3: Click the Word Prediction button from the quick action menu.

Step 4: Now when you type, Helperbird will predict the next word. Through the toolbar, you can also change the language, and turn on or off the word prediction.

Step 5: When a new set of words are predicted, click the word to insert it into the input.

Step 6: Click the close button to close the word prediction.

How to use the read out loud in the word prediction feature

Step 1: Open Helperbird, this is done by clicking the Helperbird icon in the top right corner of your browser window.

Step 2: The extension will open. Showing the quick actions and other features.

Step 3: Scroll until you find the Word Prediction card.

Step 4: Toggle the Read out loud option to On.

Step 5: When you hover over the word, it will be spoken out loud.

Step 6: Thats it!

Supported languages

### English ### French



Video Tutorial

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Need more help?

If you encounter any issues with the activation process, please contact the Helperbird support team for assistance.