Sync or store data locally in Helperbird

Managing Helperbird Settings: Sync vs. Local

With Helperbird, you have the flexibility to synchronize your settings across multiple devices or keep them local to one device. Here’s how to manage these settings:

Accessing Settings

Step 1: Click the Helperbird icon in your browser to open the extension.

Step 2: Navigate to the settings by clicking the gear icon in the top corner of the Helperbird menu.

Enabling Sync

Step 3: Scroll to 'Helperbird Settings' within the settings menu.

Step 4: Find the toggle for 'Sync Helperbird' to manage synchronization.

Step 5: Toggle it on to enable syncing across all your devices where you are logged in with the same Helperbird account.

Sync vs. Local: Understanding the Difference

  • Sync: By enabling sync, you ensure that all your preferred Helperbird settings are consistent across every device you use. This means that any changes you make in one place will automatically update across all others.

  • Local: If you prefer to have different settings on different devices or if you use a public/shared computer, keeping your data local might be the better option. With local settings, changes made on one device will not affect the settings on another.

Step 6: Decide between sync or local based on your needs and toggle the 'Sync Helperbird' switch accordingly.

Confirming Your Choice

Step 7: Once you've made your choice, your settings will be applied as selected. If you've chosen to sync, give it a moment to update across your devices.

Remember, you can change between sync and local at any time by revisiting the Helperbird settings.

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