Installing Helperbird to Certain Users

How to Install Helperbird for Specific Users in G Suite and Microsoft 365


This guide details the process for administrators to install the Helperbird extension selectively for certain users within an organization using G Suite and Microsoft 365.


Administrator access to Google Admin Console (for G Suite) or Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Helperbird's extension ID: ahmapmilbkfamljbpgphfndeemhnajme.

Installing Helperbird in G Suite

Step 1: Access Google Admin Console

Step 2: Open Chrome Management

  • From the Admin console Home page, go to Devices -> Chrome Management -> Apps & Extensions.

Step 3: Choose Organizational Unit

  • Select the Organizational Unit (OU) where you want to install Helperbird for specific users.

Step 4: Add Helperbird Extension

  • Click the + icon and select Add from Chrome Web Store. Enter Helperbird’s extension ID (ahmapmilbkfamljbpgphfndeemhnajme).

Step 5: Set User-Level Installation

  • In the User Settings for the chosen OU, set the installation policy to Allow install & Pin.

Step 6: Communicate with Users

  • Inform the selected users that Helperbird from the Chrome Web Store is installed.

Installing Helperbird in Microsoft 365

Step 1: Access Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Step 2: Navigate to Edge Management

  • Go to Settings -> Services & Add-ins -> Microsoft Edge Management.

Step 3: Manage Extensions

  • Select Manage Extensions and add Helperbird's extension ID (bkibfggdahioahpokehoiimdmdjefjmd).

Step 4: Specify User Groups

  • Choose the specific user groups or users for the Helperbird deployment.

Step 5: Set Deployment Options

  • Specify the installation as Optional to allow targeted users to installation policy to Allow install & Pin.

Step 6: Communicate with Users

  • Inform the selected users that Helperbird from the Chrome Web Store is installed.


After setting up, verify by checking a user's browser within the specified OU or group to ensure that Helperbird is available for installation.

Need Further Assistance?

If you encounter any issues during the setup, please reach out to our Support Team here.


You have now successfully set up Helperbird for selective installation within your organization using G Suite and Microsoft 365.

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