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What is Helperbird Pro Unlimited?

What is Helperbird Pro Unlimited?

Helperbird Pro Unlimited is a paid version of Helperbird. It is a complete, all-in-one, but this plan is built for schools, districts and businesses.

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Helperbird Pro Unlimited

It includes all the features of Helperbird Pro but most importantly, it includes: unlmited users. Meaning everyone on the domain can use the Helperbird Pro features for the price of $1,500 a year or $99.99 a month. This is pre school or business.

What do you mean by domain?

So everyone on the can access the Helperbird Pro features. Everyone outside my domain can't.

Helperbird for Districts or multiple businesses.

We offer discounts for serveral Helperbird for schools or businesses. Just contact us and we can help you.

Video Tutorial

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Need more help?

If you encounter any issues with the activation process, please contact the Helperbird support team for assistance.