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Helperbird is your all in one accessibility tool providing personalized support for browsing, reading, and writing on the web.

Whether you're reading a movie review or writing an email, Helperbird can make web pages, PDFs, and documents more accessible and productive to meet your needs

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Reading features

At Helperbird, we've designed reading features that make reading online easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

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Distraction-free reading
Our distraction-free reading features, such as Reading mode, Immersive reader, and Highlight menu, provide a seamless and immersive reading experience. Features like dyslexia support and reading rulers cater to specific needs and preferences.
Customize everything from fonts and colors to spacing, borders, and images on the page. Additional features like Picture dictionary and Text-to-speech with natural voices cater to individual needs, making reading a personalized experience.
Accessibility features, such as dyslexia-friendly fonts, text-to-speech, and background color options, enable individuals with dyslexia and visual impairments to access and enjoy online content with greater ease and inclusivity.
Screenshot of the Ben & Jerry's website with Helperbird features enabled. The site showcases colorful ice cream tubs and a playful design. On the left, there's a reading ruler guiding through a text about 'Flavor Gurus'. On the right side, the Helperbird overlay displays a menu with icons for features like 'Dictionary', 'Search', 'Highlight', and 'Translate'. Beneath the menu, text options are provided, including a selected 'Font' option indicating the use of the 'Lexend' font.

Writing features

Helperbird's Writing features offer a comprehensive set of tools to help you write with accuracy and ease.

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Text-to-Speech and Voice Typing
Our voice typing feature allows you to dictate your ideas quickly and accurately, while our text-to-speech feature lets you hear your written work read aloud to identify errors and improve flow.
Spelling and Grammar Support:
Our spelling and grammar checker catches mistakes and offers suggestions for corrections, ensuring that your writing is error-free and polished.
Word Prediction and Notetaking
Our word prediction feature suggests words as you type, making writing faster and more efficient. Additionally, our sticky notes and highlighting tools help you keep track of ideas, quotes, and references as you write.
Screenshot of a Google Docs document titled 'Untitled document'. Within the document, there's partial text stating 'Hello everyone my nam'. Beneath the incomplete sentence, there's a word prediction tool suggesting completions like 'name', 'names', 'named', etc. On the right side, the Helperbird extension is active, displaying several features. There's a bright pink 'Helperbird note' that quotes Chef Gusteau from Ratatouille, saying, 'Your only limit is your soul. What I say is true—anyone can cook ... but only the fearless can be great.' Other visible Helperbird tools include 'Voice typing', 'Sticky note', 'Word Prediction', and 'Highlighter'.

All things accessibility

Empower users with disabilities. With our text-to-speech, dyslexia support, and other features, we empower users with disabilities to access and engage with web content on their terms.

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Dyslexia support
Dyslexia support includes font and background color options, as well as specialized features like reading rulers and picture dictionaries to aid in reading and comprehension.
Immersive reader & Paragraph styling
The immersive reader feature and paragraph styling options provide a customizable and distraction-free reading experience, making it easier to focus on the content.
Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts allow for quick and easy navigation and use of Helperbird's features without relying on a mouse or touchpad.
Color overlays & Reading ruler
Color overlays and reading rulers provide visual aids to help users with reading difficulties or visual impairments.
30+ voices and translation support
30+ voices and translation support allow you to customize your reading experience with a range of voices and translate text into multiple languages.
Extract text/OCR
The extract text/OCR feature uses advanced optical character recognition technology to convert images and scanned documents into editable text, making it easier to work with digital content.
Highlighter & page summarizing
The highlighter and page summarizing features allow for efficient note-taking and quick access to the main points of an article.
20 other features
30+ accessibility tools, including customizable themes, picture dictionary, and text-to-speech. It's a powerful solution for improving your online experience.

Features at a glance

Helperbird offers a range of power tools to customize the web to your needs to improve your accessibility, reading, writing, and productivity needs.

Game-changing features such as Reading Mode, Immersive Reader, dyslexia support, text-to-speech with natural voices, text extracting, word prediction, voice typing, and 28 other features to transform your web experience.

Annotations & Sticky Notes

Transform your research and workflow with Helperbird's Annotations & Sticky Notes feature. Effortlessly highlight, annotate, and leave comments on any website or PDF. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes, and organize your notes seamlessly. Save to the cloud and export in multiple formats, all while using our robust search functionality.

Line, Letter, and Word Spacing

Effortlessly fine-tune the spacing of lines, letters, and words on any website or PDF. Enhance readability and tailor your online reading experience with Helperbird.

Show Alt & Image Descriptions

Streamline your web browsing by showing image and link descriptions on mouse over with Helperbird on any website or PDF. Gain quick insights into content by hovering over images and links.

Text Statistics

Easily track various text metrics on any website or PDF with Helperbird's extension. With just two clicks, get a comprehensive analysis including unique word count, shortest words, estimated reading time, and more.

Auto Scroll

Personalize your browsing experience with Helperbird's Customizable Auto Scroll feature. Effortlessly set your scroll speed to slow, medium, or fast and navigate through websites at your own pace. Available across Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Bookmark and Save Your Favorite Websites

Never lose track of important articles with Helperbird's Read it Later feature. Bookmark and save your favorite websites effortlessly, ensuring you can return to must-read content whenever you like.

Color Blindness Support

Enhance web accessibility for those with color vision deficiencies using Helperbird's Color Blindness Support feature. Improve link visibility with underlining and stroking, and benefit from station support on any website.

Customize Your Cursor Size

Effortlessly adapt your cursor size to suit your needs with Helperbird's Cursor Size feature. Ideal for users with visual or dexterity challenges, as well as those who prefer a personalized browsing experience.

English Dictionary

Unlock deeper understanding of words using Helperbird's Dictionary feature. Easily look up, define, and grasp the meaning of any English word to enrich your reading experience.

Document Editor

Manage your documents effortlessly with Helperbird's In Browser Document Editor. Create, edit, and organize text files right within your browser, then export or import to Google Docs, Markdown, and more for ultimate convenience in note-taking and file management.

Customizable Font Sizes

Personalize your reading comfort with Helperbird's Font Size feature. Easily increase or decrease text size on any website to improve readability and tailor your online reading experience.

Easy Translation Support

Break language barriers effortlessly with Helperbird's Translation feature. Select text on any website or PDF, right-click to choose Helperbird's Google Translate option, and instantly translate into your desired language.


Minimize eye strain and improve comfort using Helperbird's Grayscale feature. Apply a gray overlay to any website to lessen glare, making your reading experience more enjoyable while reducing visual fatigue.

Hide Images and GIFs

Experience a distraction-free browsing environment with Helperbird's Media Filter feature. Temporarily hide all images or just GIFs on webpages, and easily restore them when you're ready to view.

High Contrast Mode

Improve readability and web accessibility with Helperbird's High Contrast Mode. Choose from a range of high-contrast color filters designed to make text more visible and your online experience more user-friendly.

Highlight Menu

Helperbird's Highlight Menu offers a convenient all-in-one text utility solution. Highlight any text and instantly access functionalities like text-to-speech, web search, immersive reader, and translation.

Customize Paragraphs

Elevate your reading experience by adding colorful borders around paragraphs with Helperbird's Customize Your Paragraphs feature. Break up long text sections to make reading easier and more visually appealing.

Immersive Reader

Bring Microsoft's Immersive Reader to any website or PDF with Helperbirds extension. Improve your reading fluency and understanding in a snap. It's compatible across Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and all iOS devices.

Control Video and Audio

Silence distractions and take control of playback speeds with Helperbird's Mute Videos and Audio feature. Mute annoying auto-playing videos and adjust their speed for a tailored browsing experience. Available on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, iPad, and iPhone.

Note Organizer

Effortlessly keep track of your sticky notes, highlights, and extracted text with Helperbird's Web-Based Note Organizer. Maintain organization and access your notes from any device for a seamless experience.

OCR / Screenshot Reader

Capture, read, and save text from images or screenshots effortlessly with Helperbird's OCR/Screenshot Reader. This versatile tool offers text-to-speech, saving to keyboard, and note-taking functionalities.

Overlays & Tints

Fine-tune the visual elements of any website to suit your needs with Helperbird's Customizable Overlays & Tints feature. Dial down glare, ease eye strain, and combat fatigue by adjusting brightness, contrast, and color to create a personalized browsing environment.

Customizable Paragraph Width

Adjust the width of paragraphs for better focus and readability with Helperbird's Customizable Paragraph Width feature. Tailor the text layout to your preferences, reducing eye strain during extended reading sessions on websites and PDFs.

Dyslexia-Friendly PDF Reader

Elevate your PDF interactions with Helperbird's Dyslexia-Friendly PDF Reader. Not only can you annotate, highlight, and add sticky notes, but you also gain the advantage of dyslexia support features. With integrated text-to-speech, Immersive Reader, and a highlighter tool, navigating and studying PDFs becomes a seamless experience.

Quick Print

Transform your printing experience with Helperbird's One-Click Quick Print feature. With a single click, effortlessly print an entire webpage or only your selected content. Eliminate the complexities and frustrations often associated with printing web pages.

Robust Privacy Safeguards

Place your trust in Helperbird's Robust Privacy Safeguards. We're committed to protecting your data and ensure it's neither sold, stored, nor misused. Your privacy is our priority, and we don't store any user-related content.

Reading Guide

Elevate your reading experience with Helperbird's Reading Guide, designed to direct your eye flow and keep you engaged with the text. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to a new level of focus and comprehension.

Reading Mode

Experience a cleaner, more focused reading environment with Helperbird's Reading Mode. This feature eliminates ads and other distractions, providing you with a simplified web page layout. Take advantage of added accessibility and productivity tools, including summarization capabilities, to elevate your reading journey.

Reword and Simplify websites

Enhance your comprehension with Helperbird's Reword and Simplify feature. Adjust the reading age level to make complex texts easier to understand, perfect for improving reading skills or overcoming language barriers.

Dyslexia Ruler

Take control of your reading experience on both web pages and PDFs with Helperbird's Dyslexia Reading Ruler. Specifically designed to support dyslexic users, this feature enhances focus and comprehension by dynamically highlighting text as you read.

Screenshot Tool

Effortlessly capture screenshots of entire webpages or select specific areas with Helperbird's Screenshot Tool. Save your captures directly to your device for quick access and future reference.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Discover Helperbird's keyboard shortcuts and become a pro at navigating the extension. Enhance your accessibility experience with quick and efficient shortcuts.

Specialized Fonts

Switch fonts on websites and PDFs easily with Helperbird. Pick from fonts like Lexend and OpenDyslexic, or choose from 18 other fonts. Great for people with dyslexia or anyone who wants a different way to read.

Voice Typing

Experience fast, accurate speech-to-text conversion on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and iOS with Helperbird's Voice Typing feature. Make communication simpler and more efficient. Try it free today!

Speed Reading

Unlock your reading potential with Helperbird's powerful speed reading extension. Improve your reading speed and efficiency with customizable settings and easy-to-use features. Try it now and experience the benefits of faster reading.

Spelling & Grammar Checker

Boost your writing confidence with Helperbird's Spelling & Grammar Checker. Our quick and accurate tool is available on Chrome, Edge, and iPad, helping you polish your spelling and grammar effortlessly.

Color Customization

Adjust font, background, and link colors to enhance your online experience and make websites work for you.

Summarize Pages

With Helperbird's Auto-Summary feature, distill complex articles and web pages into key bullet points. Ideal for quick overviews, this feature enhances your productivity and comprehension.

Text Alignment

Align text to your preference on any website with Helperbird's Text Alignment feature. Improve your reading experience and readability by easily customizing the alignment.

Text to Speech

Convert written text into lifelike speech effortlessly. With Helperbird, have the contents of web pages, ebooks, and PDFs read aloud to you using realistic, natural-sounding voices.

Web Highlighter

Illuminate your reading and note-taking experience with Helperbird's Web Highlighter. With various color options, the Web Highlighter offers an engaging way to highlight text on web pages and PDFs.

Word Prediction

Maximize your writing skills with Helperbird's word prediction extension, available on Google Docs and across the web. Boost your productivity and type more accurately with our cutting-edge, AI-driven autocomplete and suggestions.

Page & Text Magnifier

Amplify your online reading experience with Helperbird's Page & Text Magnifier. Effortlessly zoom in on text and entire pages for superior readability and visibility.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is Helperbird?
With a delightfully intuitive and easy-to-use design, Helperbird is your all-in-one extension that provides personalized support to make web pages, PDFs, and documents more accessible and productive to your needs.

It is designed to help everyone with the web in a way that suits their abilities learning styles and lifestyle.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we do offer discounts! If you pay for a yearly subscription, you will get two months for free.

Let us know if you have any other questions about pricing or discounts.
Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes, we do accept purchase orders. If you would like to place an order using a purchase order, please contact our sales team to discuss the details.

They will be able to provide you with the necessary information and help you complete the process. We look forward to working with you!
Do I need a student email for the student pricing?
No, you do not need a student email to take advantage of our student pricing. We operate on an honor system, so you can simply certify that you are a student when you sign up for the discounted rate.

This means that as long as you are a student at the time of your subscription, you are eligible to receive the student pricing, regardless of the email address you use to sign up.

We trust that our users will be honest about their student status and respect this discount.
Is Helperbird Free?
Yes. We give you the basic features for free. Those features will always be free. We have a Pro version, which helps support the development and costs with the Pro features.

We keep our prices as low as possible, much lower than others.
Can I cancel Helperbird at any time?
There's no minimum contract for Helperbird.

You can cancel at any time without penalty or hassle.
Why are we charging for this?
Helperbird charges for its service in order to cover the costs of developing and maintaining the product. This includes expenses such as programming and design work, server costs, and customer support.

While we do offer a free version of Helperbird, it includes only a subset of the features and functionality available in the paid version.

We believe that the value and convenience of Helperbird are well worth the cost, and we hope that you will find it to be a valuable tool for your productivity and learning needs.
What browsers does Helperbird run on?
Do you accept suggestions?
Yes, we love suggestions! Please let us know if you have any ideas for improving our product. Please email [email protected] with your suggestion.
Why do some Helperbird features not work on Google Docs?
Helperbird's features may not work on Google Docs due to a change in the way that Google Docs renders text using Canvas, a bitmap graphics API, rather than HTML.
How do I login to Helperbird?
Helperbird uses the email that your logged into your browser with. To learn how to login or use your subscription key, follow the link below.

How to login to Helperbird
What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. They are always happy to help and will do their best to answer any questions you may have. You can contact them through our website or by emailing [email protected].

We look forward to assisting you!

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It's just a one-stop solution if I want to customize my page. With very good UI design ”

Photo of Helperbird Pro user g2.com review
g2.com review
Verified User in Design

I've been meaning to write this review for a while now. My daughter is newly diagnosed with dysexia and I heard an interview with Robert on a Newstalk podcast and sought it out. I wasn't sure if I had it installed correctly on her laptop and Robert was on straight away to help. He was amazing. This app has changed everything for my daughter. Everything is accessible to her and everyday tasks and schoolwork are so much easier. She also has visual stress so the coloured overlay feature is a game changer for her. I would highly recommend this app to anyone, she couldn't be without it now!”

Photo of Helperbird Pro user James Summer
James Summer
Helperbird user

Love this extension works beautifully overall. ”

Photo of Helperbird Pro user Pauline Olsen
Pauline Olsen

I have been trying to find ways to make my child happy to go to school again, and someone recommended helperbird. She loves helperbird, and she is now much happier about the idea of returning to school. I think this might be a game changer, as they do so much web based schoolwork and research. She says they really understand people with dyslexia”

Photo of Helperbird Pro user Cris Townley
Cris Townley

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Screenshot of a webpage from 'Fulham Focus' showcasing their blog and podcast content. The navigation menu at the top lists options such as 'Home', 'About Us', 'Podcasts', 'Q&As', 'Articles', 'Quiz', and 'Contact Us'. Below the navigation, there's a highlighted 'Latest' article from October 6, 2023, titled 'It's Time to Start Cairney'. The main content of the page displays a 'Podcast: Blades of OGlory' section dated October 11, 2023, by Matt Bone, briefly describing the episode's discussion on a football game involving Fulham and the Blades. Beside the content is an ad from 'News 25 Now' and social media connect buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On the right side, the Helperbird extension is active, showcasing 'Quick actions' with various tool icons like 'Reading options', and a 'Pro' label at the top.